Lord Marksman and Vanadis Season 2 Will Released In 2024, Trailer Released

A popular novel meant for minors authored by Tsukasa Kawaguchi is now an animated series. Those who have watched the first season very well know it is an amazing action anime. The last season has gained quite a popularity and the followers are eagerly waiting for more than seven years now.

Lord Marksman and Vanadis was first aired in 2014 and consists of 13 Episodes. The anime takes place in a fantasy medieval world and will surely provide you with fantasy & action plots, making it a popular choice for viewers of the genre.


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Cast & Characters

The lady of Eleonora Viltaria (Elen) has been voiced very well by Caitlin Glass for all episodes. Joel McDonald has done an equally great job of voicing for the lead male protagonist Tigrevurmud Vorn (Tigre).

Release Date

The release date of The Lord Marksman and Vanadis Season 2 remains a mystery, as there have been no spoilers about its release date. We hope to see some information regarding the second season of the series soon.


As we know there is no official confirmation on Lord Marksman and Vanadis Season 2. So there is no trailer released yet. You can watch the trailer for season first of Lord Marksman and Vanadis Is Here.

Where to Watch Online?

Lord Marksman and Vanadis are available to be watched on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. All the episodes of the first season were released on these. Whenever season 2 premieres, it will also be available for streaming on the same platforms.

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