About Us

The Bitsnewsz is an anime news website that is focused mainly on unique anime content about anime sequels and everything related to that topic. Our aim is to provide information about new seasons of anime.

The Bitsnewsz is dedicated to all those anime fans who are mad behind anime Universe. The website may cover more stuff in the future, but for now, anime sequels are the main topic The Bits Newsz will cover.

Why Was The Bits Newsz Created?

The idea to create a website that focused on anime sequels was born in yearly 2019. I was searching for information about Ajin Season, and all I found were low-content websites. The worst part was that most of the information was wrong or didn’t provide any value.

I like to analyze anime sales, streams & popularity, so I thought I could offer value to people looking for that kind of Information. That’s why the first post on this website is Ajin Season 2.

Maybe in the future, this website will cover more than just anime sequels, but that was the main idea behind The Bits Newsz.

If you have any queries about my blog, then please free to contact me.

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