Varthur Santosh Instagram, Net Worth, Caste, Wikipedia, Date of Birth, Age, Family, & Photos

Varthur Santosh Instagram, Net Worth, Caste, Wikipedia, Date of Birth, Age, Family, & Photos

Varthur Santosh Instagram, Net Worth, Caste, Wikipedia, Date of Birth, Age, Family, & Photos: We here let you know about deep facts of him. See, who he is and what is the main thing about his life. In Bigg Boss, you also have seen him, and you want to know what is prevailing in his personal life today. So, why wait? Get with the below article and know about every point in detail without catching more information about the path.

Varthur Santosh Instagram

Varthur Santosh Biography

Full NameVarthur Santosh Kumar S. 
Other nameVarthur Santhosh Abhimani 

Varthur Santosh’s Early Life

When we start exploring the personal life of Varthur Santosh, we see that he belongs to an Indian Farmer Family. He was born on 12 March 1990. His birthplace was Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. From birth, he belongs to the Pisces Zodiac sign. Looking at her life raising is not revealed who raised him. But it is out that his father died at an early age. Explore more in the article and know about every detail.

Varthur Santosh Education

While catching the info about Varthur Santosh’s Education, we see he attended the Lady Velankanni English School, Bengaluru. From that time, he was known as Appi by his close ones. Different names and choices are given by his followers to him.

Varthur Santosh’s Physical Attributes

CategoriesVarthur Santosh’s Physical Attributes
Weight75 KG

Varthur Santosh Career

When we move ahead and catch some details about Varthur Santosh’s Career, we see that he was from a farming family and always indulged himself at the place. From that time, he lived with animals and raised a group of cattle. However, after which it is seen that he loves to do cattle raisings. One thing is that he is always concerned about animal protection and loves to spend time with Hallikar cows.

When her father expired, he started developing love towards the cows and started gathering all the cows for their upbringing. For them, he also started a community named All India Holikar Breed Protection Committee. At present, he is the president of that community and does many things towards the promotion, conservation, and protection of the breed.

Varthur Santosh Controversy

Varthur Santosh controversy will take you to the world where it exactly was happening. We see that when Varthur Santosh appeared in Bigg Boss Kannada 10 it was a talk about the forest department. Which it is all about wearing tiger claw jewelry. After this, some people reported against him that he was abolishing the Wildlife Protection Act, of 1972.

The Wildlife Protection Act, of 1972 states that one can not wear anything related to the parts of the endangered species. When there was a report against him, the forensic team evaluated whether it was of the real tiger or not! Later, it is observed that yes, it belongs to the real tiger and he must have been directed to the wrong activity.

When the investigation was done with her, it was committed by Varthur Santosh that he bought the jewelry from the trader almost three years ago. From his inspection, it comes out that he was unaware of all such facts that one can not wear any necklace or product made from wild animals. He showed the reason that he wore the jewelry for pride and confidence.

Moreover, after which he was punished by the authorities where he had to spend a complete round of 7 years in jail along with an RS 25 lakh fine. Later, where he moved to the court and got the period shortened and spent only 14 days in Judicial Detention, at Parappana Agrahara Jail.

Varthur Santosh Wife

Talking about the personal life of Varthur Santosh we see that he does not believe in marinating any relationship. He is a single guy who believes in Hinduism and wants to spend his life being a social activist. He is a tattoo lover and has numerous tattoos on his hand.

Varthur Santosh’s Net Worth

Varthur Santosh Net worth is around 2 Crore in INR. We see how much he earns from his activities and social media platforms.

Varthur Santosh Social Media Account

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FAQ About Varthur Santosh

1. Who is Varthur Santosh?

Varthur Santosh is a social activist who believes in protecting animals and cow breeds. For which, he also formed the All India Holikar Breed Protection Committee.

2. Is Varthur Santosh in Bigg Boss?

Yes, Varthur Santosh is in Bigg Boss Kannada 10.

3. By which name do Varthur Santosh’s followers call him?

Appi is the name by which Varthur Santosh’s followers called him.

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