YouTube Village Success Story: All YouTubers live in this village, earn lakhs of rupees per month!

YouTube Village Success Story: There is a trend of content creation going on in our country India, in earlier times people used to think of becoming doctors and engineers but today most of the people think of becoming a YouTuber or content creator. With time, people’s career options are also changing.

YouTube Village Success Story -:

YouTube Village Success Story: In this trend of content creation, such news is coming from a village in India that almost all the people of that village do content creation and everyone there has their own YouTube channel with the help of which they are earning good money every month.

Even there are some people living in that village who earn lakhs of rupees per month with the help of YouTube. Also, now this village is also called the Hub of YouTubers, which village is this? You can read the complete news about this below.

YouTube Village Success Story

Which village is the village of YouTubers?

YouTube Village Success Story: There is a village named Tulsi near Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh state of India, and this village is called the village of YouTubers. Every house in this village has its own YouTube Studio and everyone earns money with the help of content creation/YouTube.

According to the report, people from 5 year old child to 85 year old man make videos on YouTube in this village. About 3,000 people live in this village, out of which more than 1,000 people are YouTubers. This is the reason why this village named Tulsi is now known as the village of YouTubers.

This is how this YouTuber village was built

YouTube Village Success Story: The story of this village becoming YouTube Village started when two friends of this village, Gyanendra Shukla and Jai Verma, left their jobs and started creating content on YouTube. While creating the content, both the friends thought that we need more people to make our content better.

Therefore, both of them inspired the villagers to create YouTube content, due to which many people of the village joined them and they also created YouTube channels for many people. For this reason, now more than 1,000 people in this village have become YouTubers and earn good money every month.

The village district officer also supported

YouTube Village Success Story: Seeing the increasing number of YouTubers in the village, the District Officer of this village, Sarveshwar Bhure, to help the villagers, got a YouTube Studio built in the village at a cost of Rs 25 lakh, which was named ‘Hummer Flix’. The purpose of getting this YouTube Studio ready was to make it easier for the villagers to make videos and record all the good videos.

Let us also tell you that all types of modern content creation tools are available in this YouTube Studio, with the help of which the villagers are able to record good videos very easily. Apart from this, many people in this village also got employment in the field of video editing and graphics, due to which all the people of this village are moving forward together.

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FAQs -:

1. Where is Tulsi village located?

Ans -: Tulsi village is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh state of India.

2. How many YouTubers are there in YouTube Village?

Ans -: According to the report, there are more than 1,000 YouTubers in YouTube Village.

3. Where is YouTube village in Bangladesh?

Ans -: It happened in Shimulia village of Khoksa upazila of Kushtia, which is called ‘Youtube Village’, where hundreds of its residents are provided free food three days a week by promoting Bengali cuisine and culture on YouTube.

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