World Sleep Day 2024: You can improve the quality of your sleep by paying attention to these things!

World Sleep Day 2024: For a healthy body, not only good eating habits and physical activity are enough, but 7 to 8 hours of sleep is also very important. It also keeps you mentally healthy, but many other things like busy lifestyle, unhealthy diet, use of too many gadgets and pollution present in the bedroom can become hindrance in sleep, so the tips given here can be useful for this.

World Sleep Day 2024 -:

Laptops and mobiles have hijacked our lives in such a way that getting out of it seems like a tough task. Despite suffering from poor health, fatigue, weakness and lack of sleep, people are proving unsuccessful in getting rid of it.

Lack of sleep is such a problem that you start seeing its effects the very next day. The mood remains bad throughout the day, one feels lazy and the stomach is also not cleaned properly.

Lack of sleep can badly affect not only physical but also mental health. The purpose of celebrating World Sleep Day is to tell people about the need for sleep.

World Sleep Day 2024

7 to 8 hours of sleep is considered necessary for a healthy body, but to sleep peacefully for so many hours, many things are necessary, which include having dinner on time, eating healthy things, avoiding gadgets half an hour before sleeping. This also includes maintaining distance and maintaining a clean bedroom environment.

A recent report has made a shocking revelation about the environment necessary for sleep. In which it is said that 3 million bacteria get collected in an unwashed pillow cover in a week, which is 17,000 times more polluted than a toilet seat. Similarly, unwashed bedsheets contain 24,631 times more bacteria than bathroom door handles.

These results are not only meant to scare you, but also to make you aware, so that you can improve the quality of your sleep by paying attention to these things. What things are necessary for this, know here…

Wash sheets and pillowcases regularly

Wash sheets, pillowcases and blankets in hot water at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit. These remove allergens to a great extent. Also, make it a habit to clean bedroom bedsheets and pillow covers every week, not every month. So that we can stay away from fine skin flakes, dust mites and allergens.

Vacuum cleaning is necessary

Dust particles are very small and go deep into the mattress and stick to the fibers, due to which it is very difficult to remove them. Vacuum cleaning is the best option for deep cleaning of mattresses. With this, the skin flakes/dander, dust mites and allergens stuck to them are easily cleaned.

Also take a look at the corners and cracks

You have washed the sheets, pillows and even cleaned the mattress, but do not ignore the corners and cracks of the bed, because dust mites that cause allergies can be hidden here too, which can spoil your sleep. Vacuum cleaner will be best in cleaning them, but you can also use wet cloth for cleaning.

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How to improve air quality in bedroom?

Compared to drawing room and kitchen, bedroom is used only for sleeping, but still this place is not so safe. Pollution can also occur here due to cooking, cleaning and deodorants or scented candles, but these pollutants can be controlled by air purifiers and the air quality inside the bedroom can be improved. Due to which sleep is good.

With these simple measures, you can create a clean and comfortable environment in the house, which leads to very good and peaceful sleep.

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