Upcoming CNG Bikes in India: now you will get double the mileage of petrol!

Upcoming CNG Bikes in India: Nowadays everyone is moving towards electric vehicles, but due to the lack of charging stations and the inconvenience of low range, many times people are forced to buy regular ICE engine vehicles again. However, electric vehicles will be the foundation of the automobile market in the future. But at present, apart from electric vehicles, there are many other options available for the buyer.

For your information, India’s popular bike manufacturer Bajaj has registered three new CNG trademarks. This clearly means that the company is now working on a plan to introduce CNG Bike in the market. Let us know about the special information related to the Upcoming CNG Bike and its benefits.

Upcoming CNG Bikes in India -:

Recently, Bajaj Auto has registered four main trademarks, which clearly shows the company’s intention that it is now planning to do something new in the market. These trademarks are Marathon, Freedom, Glider, and Trekker. There are reports that the company will use these trademarks for the upcoming CNG bike. On which work is still going on.

Bajaj Auto had applied for these trademarks after January 29, 2024. However, at present it is not known which of the four trademarks is to be used for the CNG bike.

Upcoming CNG Bikes in India: Which trademark for whom?

Upcoming CNG Bikes in India: There are reports that Bajaj Trekker will be used for the company’s powerful motorcycle. The company can use the powerful 250cc engine for the Suzuki V-Strom SX Rival. While Marathon can use the trademark for three-wheelers, and Freedom and Glider for upcoming products including upcoming Scenji bikes.

Upcoming CNG Bikes in India

India is the world’s largest two-wheeler market, controlling about 40% of the market. Bajaj Auto is the largest and most successful two-wheeler brand in India. Who now wants to reach the global level with his CNG Bikes. The company’s Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj has already indicated this through an interview.

Upcoming CNG Bikes in India: Benefits of CNG Bike

Upcoming CNG Bikes in India: With the introduction of CNG bikes, the running cost of vehicles will be reduced. Because these bikes will give much better mileage than regular bikes. CNG is known as Green Fuel. Because SNG vehicles emit up to 75% less carbon monoxide, 50% less carbon dioxide, and up to 90% less non-methane hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. Due to this there is much less harm to the environment as compared to ICE engine vehicles.

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CNG Bike Mileage -:

Upcoming CNG Bikes in India: CNG is known as a cheap fuel. Because it gives about 50-55% more mileage than petrol and diesel. Due to this, there is no need of much expenditure for the maintenance of vehicles. Besides, the Government of India also provides subsidy facilities to promote such vehicles which are not very harmful to the environment.

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