Stress Management Tips: Know what is the connection between stress and diabetes, see ways to control it here!

Stress Management Tips: Stress not only affects your mental health but it can also cause many physical problems. People living under too much stress can become victims of type-2 diabetes, which is a very serious disease. Therefore it is important to manage stress. Let us know the connection between stress and diabetes and how to control it.

Too much stress can cause many diseases and if you are already suffering from any disease, then stress can make it even more serious. Many researches have shown that stress can also affect blood sugar. There is a deep connection between diabetes and stress. Let us know about this and also the ways to manage stress.

Stress Management Tips: Understand the relationship between stress and diabetes

Stress Management Tips: For every action, there is a reaction. The same rule applies to stress also. Due to stress, a hormone called cortisol is released in the body. This chemical is responsible for increasing glucose. Which is not good for diabetes patients. Therefore avoid taking stress.

Stress Management Tips

Ways to reduce stress -: Stress Management Tips

  1. Practice meditation

Stress Management Tips: Studies have found that people with type-2 diabetes, if they regularly exercise and meditate to relieve stress, do not need to take additional medicines or insulin. By doing certain types of yoga and pranayam, diabetic patients can keep themselves healthy and stay away from the seriousness of this disease.

  1. Self-care and management are important

Stress Management Tips: It is difficult to manage the blood sugar level that increases due to stress, but it can be kept under control to a great extent by adopting self-care and a healthy routine. Apart from stress, keep an eye on what other things are causing the sugar to increase and if it is within your power to control it, then find ways to do so. By reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, adequate sleep, and doing some exercise daily, not only diabetes but also many other problems can be avoided.

  1. Do your favorite things

Stress Management Tips: There is a saying that an empty mind is the devil’s home and it is absolutely true. Sitting idle and thinking about old things only causes stress, so a good way to avoid this is to keep yourself engaged. Give time to things that make you happy. Be it traveling, dancing or music, playing video games, or spending time with friends. Believe me, doing your favorite things does not cause stress.

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FAQs -:

1. How is stress management done?

Ans -: Stress management can be defined as an activity, technique or intervention applied to eliminate/or reduce stress factors in an organization and assist employees in managing stress.

2. How to manage stress?

Ans -: Don’t feel pressured to complete all tasks in one day. Feel free to leave work which is not very important. – Do some regular breathing exercises by learning from a yoga expert. – Avoid the habit of reacting to everything others say, even if you don’t like something, don’t overreact to it.

3. How to relieve stress in 1 minute?

Ans -: Do not consume alcohol, cigarettes or any intoxicant – these do not reduce stress, but increase it. Be sure to do light exercise daily and meditate – close your eyes and inhale while counting from 1-4, and exhale again while counting from 1-4.

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