Snack Ideas for Kids: If your children are fussy eaters, then feed them these healthy and tasty dishes!

Snack Ideas for Kids: Right eating habits are very important for the proper development of children. However, as children grow up, their food preferences change. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to feed them anything. If your child often throws tantrums while eating, then definitely try these tasty and healthy dishes for him this time.

Snack Ideas for Kids -:

Every mother complains that her child does not eat properly. This problem further increases when the child starts throwing tantrums while eating. When a child eats only those things that he likes, then feeding the child is no less than a challenge for the mother.

It often happens that the mother starts giving her favorite food to the child, but sometimes doing so is harmful for the health of the child. It is important that the child gets healthy food along with taste. Today we have brought some such recipes for you, which are healthy as well as tasty, which you can easily feed to your child.

5 Snack Ideas for Kids -:

  • Fruit Kebab with Yogurt: Cut fruits like strawberry, orange, banana, kiwi into small pieces and put them on a stick. Serve it as a dip with yogurt. It also looks good. Besides, they are rich in many nutrients like Vitamin C, E and antioxidants.
Snack Ideas for Kids
  • Vegetable Muffin: Serve vegetables in the form of muffins, so that the child does not shy away from eating vegetables. For this, grate vegetables like carrots, zucchini etc., add them to muffin batter (whole wheat) and bake. Children will like this healthy snack very much. With this, children will get fiber, vitamin E, calcium, minerals etc.

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  • Nut Butter Banana Sandwich: The very name of the sandwich makes children’s mouths water. To make it healthy, take bread made from whole wheat flour. Toast it and spread peanut butter on it. Now cut the banana into round pieces, place it on top and give it to the child to eat. This provides protein and healthy fats to the child.
  • Greek Yogurt Parfait: Greek yogurt parfait is a healthy and tasty option. For this take a dessert cup or glass. Now add granola and pour Greek yogurt over it. Now put berries on top of it. This parfait is a very tasty and protein-rich snack, which supplies essential nutrients like calcium and antioxidants.

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