National Science Day 2024: If your child is also interested in science, then definitely take them to these science museums!

National Science Day 2024: Today i.e. 28th February is celebrated as National Science Day in India. On this day, the country’s great scientist CV Raman made an important discovery related to light. It was decided to celebrate this day in memory of this important discovery. If your child is also interested in science, then definitely show him these museums present in India.

28th February is celebrated as National Science Day in India. On this day Sir Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman (CV Raman) announced the discovery of ‘Raman Effect’. He was also awarded the Nobel Prize in 1930 for this important discovery. His discovery is still used in labs around the world. The purpose of celebrating this day is to encourage children and youth interested in science. If your child is also interested in science, then you can plan to visit these science museums with him.

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bengaluru

National Science Day 2024: Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum in Bengaluru is the oldest science museum in India. It was established on 14 July 1962. There are many such things available for children here, which help to further increase their interest in science. In this museum, science is depicted not in a boring but in a fun way. This museum has 7 exhibition halls and two special exhibits. The center of attraction here is the full scale replica of Kitty Hawk built by the Wright Brothers. By coming here you can explore many other interesting things.

National Science Day 2024

National Science Day 2024: National Science Centre, Delhi

National Science Day 2024: The National Science Center located in Delhi is also a great place for children interested in science. This museum has many things for children like Dinosaur Gallery, Fun Science Library, Information Revolution Gallery, Pre-Historic Gallery, Human Biology Gallery. To light up the mind, there are also 3D shows, Maze of Mirrors, talking figures of big dinosaurs, which are really fun.

National Science Day 2024: Birla Science Museum, Hyderabad

National Science Day 2024: You can also take children to Birla Planetarium and Science Museum today, which will undoubtedly be a memorable experience for them. This is one of the best science museums not only in India but also in the world, which is located in Hyderabad. This museum was established in the year 2000. Space Museum is a special attraction here. By coming here you can see 160 million old dinosaur fossils.

Kerala Science and Technology Museum, Thiruvananthapuram

National Science Day 2024: Kerala Science and Technology Museum was started with the aim of making common people understand the importance of science and take interest in it. It was established by the Government of Kerala in the year 1984. If you come to Thiruvananthapuram, do not miss the opportunity to visit this museum. Not just science, there are separate galleries for things related to mathematics, automobile, bio-medical engineering, computers and solar energy. The museum also has a planetarium, science park and a kids park.

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National Science Day 2024: Nehru Science Museum, Mumbai

National Science Day 2024: Nehru Science Museum located in Mumbai is also a very good place for children’s outing. Apart from this, it is also one of the famous science museums of India, by coming here children can see more than 500 science related things. Can know about them. 3D and Science on Sphere shows are organized here daily. Besides, science related workshops are also organized for children.

FAQs -: National Science Day 2024

1. Why do we celebrate National Science Day on 28th February?

Ans -: National Science Day is celebrated every year on 28 February since 1987 in honor of the great Indian physicist Sir. CV Raman who won the Nobel Prize in Physics. On this day in 1928, his discovery of the Raman effect was revealed at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sciences, Kolkata.

2. What day is 28th February 2024?

Ans -: 9th Wednesday of 2024. In the 9th week of 2024 (using ISO standard week number calculation). 70th day of winter. There are 20 days left for spring to arrive.

3. Today is Science Day?

Ans -: National Science Day is celebrated every year on 28 February.

4. What happens on 28th April 2024?

Ans -: This is Great Poetry Reading Day, Save the Frogs Day, Global Pay It Forward Day, Biological Clock Day, National Room Day… and many more!

5. Which national day is 29 February 2024?

Ans -: Explore events, festivals, funny, weird and national days happening around the world on this day! It’s National Toast Day, Rare Disease Day, Graduation Day, Leap Year Day, International Underlings Day…and many more!

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