Medha Shankar Success Story: There were only Rs 257 in the bank, she was broke due to struggle… Medha Shankar’s story is interesting.

Medha Shankar Success Story: Medha Shankr, who became famous with 12th Fail, has become a national crush today. After five years of struggle, Medha has achieved recognition in cinema. However, do you know that at one time she was wandering from door to door in Mumbai for work and at one time she had only Rs 250 in her account.

Medha Shankar Success Story -:

Medha Shankar got recognition from 12th Fail directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Medha, who played the character of Shraddha Joshi, proved her ability not only with her acting but also with her voice. It can be said that Medha, who is full of talent, has seen her fortunes shine overnight, but perhaps people are less aware of how much struggle she had to put in behind this success.

Medha Shankr, a resident of Noida, wanted to become an actress since childhood. After doing a fashion designing course from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Medha decided to go to Mumbai to fulfill her acting dream, but this journey was not so easy.

Medha Shankar’s pain spilled over the struggle -:

Medha Shankar Success Story: Medha told in an interview that she came to Mumbai in the year 2018 to become an artist, but during these years she saw a lot of ups and downs. One day she was broke, she had only Rs 257 in her bank account but she did not give up. In conversation with IMDb, Medha said:-

2020 was a devastating year for many reasons across the world. This year was very difficult for me too, because I was completely broken. There were only Rs 257 in my account.

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How did Medha Shankar fail in 12th?

Medha Shankar Success Story: Although Medha Shankar worked in many films in her five-year career, but Vikrant Massey starrer film brightened her luck. The actress told how she got this film. According to the actress, –

It took me some time to get 12th fail. I started my career as an actor in Mumbai in the year 2018. In the year 2022, I auditioned for this film for the first time in a casting agency. Then I did a screen test with Vidhu Vinod Chopra and the entire team. During my first screen test with Vidhu sir, Vikrant and the team, I firmly believed that this role was for me.

Medha told that after the screen test, she got a call from Vidhu sir and he cast the actress for the main lead. Let us tell you that apart from Medha, 12th Fail, he has worked in films like Max, Min Aur Mevzaki, Dil Bekarar and Shaadisthan.

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