Death Parade became so popular that Madhouse Studio had to deal with the extensive pressure from fans asking for season 2. Despite being known for creating one-season anime, the studio gave in to fans’ requests and promised Death Parade Season 2 is coming.

Death Parade, also known as Desu Paredo, was inspired by Yuzuru Tachikawa’s short film Death Billiards. The anime series ran for 12 episodes. Truly engaging, with each individual portraying life’s most difficult challenges and lessons.

Death Parade has been received quite well by fans and critics. This show has been genuinely loved by all the viewers, which is quite visible in its popularity of the show. The show rated 8.16 out of 10 on MyAnimeList and 7.9 out of 10 on IMDb.

Even though the guests only appear for one or two episodes, they manage to hold our attention. In just one episode, you form a bond with them. Every human emotion…love, wrath, loneliness, retribution, sadness…hell of an emotional ride…that too after a person’s death…has been prominently presented in this breathtaking ride.

Death Parade Season 2 Release Date

The reality is, that there has been no confirmation on Death Parade season 2, and its release date remains unknown. Albeit, on a positive note, Madhouse Studio didn’t announce it is canceling the popular anime series either, so fans can keep their hopes high.

Due to Death Parade’s popularity, Madhouse Studio announced a second season in 2016. Season 2 remains in development, and there have been many theories why season 2 has not been released yet.

For one, Madhouse Studio might be struggling with the lack of content for season 2. Unlike other anime series that are often based on books and manga, Death Parade is based only on a short film produced by Tachikawa.

If they create a follow-up season, they have to draft an entirely new Storyline to coincide with season 1’s ending since the actual source material isn’t available.

Death Parade Season 2 Characters:

If the creators decide to revive the series, the cast will almost certainly be the same as in the last game. As a result, we’ve heard that the following artists will perform at Death Parade Season 2: 

  • Decim 
  • Chiyuki 
  • Nona 
  • Ginti 
  • Clavis 
  • Quin 
  • Castra 
  • Oculus

Death Parade Season 2 Plot

To give you a better context, let’s go back to the events in season one. Death Parade introduces us to the complex world of the afterlife, where people are sent to one of many mysterious bars after they die.

The bars are run by bartenders serving as Arbiters. They force dead people to participate in Death Games to decide whether they will be reincarnated or sent to the void. The story centers around Decim, a bartender and Arbiter of Quindecim. Decim started developing human emotions after he meets a meddlesome black-haired woman named Chiyuki.

After a series of events, Decim decided to reincarnate Chiyuki. The two eventually departed as Chiyuki assumes a new life while Decim remains in the bar, ready to welcome new souls. While the plot details for season 2 remain unknown, Madhouse can always explore Decim’s back story to build his character more.

It’s also interesting to see how Decim’s behavior as an Arbiter will change following the emotional encounter with Chiyuki. There’s also the possibility of sending Chiyuki back to the afterlife once her newly incarnated life perishes. If that happens, will she recognize Decim?

Death Parade Season 1: Recap

Let’s take a quick recap of Death Parade Season 1’s plot. The story of Death Parade tells us that whenever someone dies, they will be sent to one of many mysterious bars run by bartenders serving as arbiters inside a tower in the afterlife. There, they must compete in Death Games with their souls on the line.

The results of which reveal what secrets led them to their situation and what their fate will be afterward, with the arbiters judging if their souls will either be sent for reincarnation or banished to the void. The series tells you a story about Decim, a lone bartender of the bar where people who died at the same time are sent to the Quindecim Bar.

Death Parade Season 2 Trailer

There is no official announcement is yet received from the makers

Where to Watch the Death Parade Series?

Death Parade is available for viewing on Funimation. To view all past and subsequent episodes, you must purchase a membership to the show. Viewers may now access any drama series through multiple online platforms from anywhere.

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