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Death Note started its life as a popular manga series illustrated by Takeshi Obata and written by Tsugumi Ohba. It focuses on the adventures of Light Yagami, a teenage genius who discovers a mysterious notebook one fateful day. It turns out the notebook is a Death Note, which is a magical artifact dropped into Light’s path by a god of death called Ryuk.

The 37-episode anime television series adaptation was first released in Japan in October 2006 and ran until June 2007. The anime scored an astounding 8.63/10 out of 2,191,877 votes on MyAnimeList.

Light decides to use the Death Note to enter into the world of serial murder and rid society of those he deems immoral. He eventually seeks to cleanse the planet of crime under the alias of “Kira” — which is the English word “killer” written out in Japanese katakana — a moniker given to him by the police (via Death Note News). Light’s choices breed many consequences, chiefly in the form of the Kira Investigation Team, headed by the mysterious detective L.

For the longest time, fans have continued to anticipate a second season of the anime series. However, Madhouse, the studio that produced the hit anime, remains tightlipped about the renewal. Is it finally happening? Let’s find out. 

Death Note Season 2 Is Confirmed Or Not?

We have been waiting for the sequel for so long. There are plenty of speculations that Death Note 2 is already on the way. Unfortunately, there is still no official confirmation that a sequel to the original anime is happening.

You might be wondering why it took so long for Madhouse to come up with a sequel for the series despite the extreme popularity of the first anime. One of the main reasons is the lack of source material.

The manga on which the series is based contains 108 chapters collected in 12 tankōbon volumes. The anime adaptation pretty much exhausted the source material already.

In February 2020, a standalone ‘Death Note: Special One Shot’ written by Ohba and drawn by Obata was published. The standalone was set ten years after the events of Kira, featuring a whole new story to the franchise. It could be viable source material for an anime sequel. 

Death Note Season 2 Possible Release Date (Coming Soon)

A second season for the Death Note anime is not confirmed yet, so there is still no release date available. We will continue to wait for further news and update this article along the way. 

Death Note Season 2 Characters & Cast

There will be no Death Note without its cunning original owner, Ryuk. So we are likely to see him again should there be a new season. The first season has concluded with the story of Light. Hence, he might no longer return.

Again, if the second season will adapt the ‘Death Note: Special One Shot,’ then can expect to see Minoru Tanaka take over the leading role. 

Death Note Season 2 Trailer

There is no official announcement yet received from the makers.

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Death Note English Dub

The English dub is available on Amazon Prime. You can also stream the anime on Netflix with original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Frequently Ask Questions About Death Note Season 2 (FAQ)

  1. Where can we watch the Death Note series?

    You can watch it on Netflix, Hulu, and Anime lab. If you don't have a subscription, don't worry. It is also available on youtube to watch for free.

  2. What is the Death Note in the series?

    Death note is a magical book used for killing people. One has to just know the name and face of the person whom one wants to kill.

  3. When is Death Note season 2 released?

    Being a massive project, the sequel might have a long production schedule. As of now, a late-2023 release date seems most plausible.

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