Madgaon Express Review: Kunal Khemu’s Madgaon Express derails before reaching its entertainment destination

Madgaon Express Review: With Madgaon Express, Kunal Khemu has joined those artists who entered the field of direction after acting. For his first film, Kunal chose the same genre of which he himself is a master – comedy. But Kunal, who was passionate about acting, could not create an impact with direction. Prateek Gandhi, Avinash Tiwari and Divyendu Sharma are in lead roles in the film.

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If Goa is associated with fun and friendship, then drugs are definitely mentioned. If these drugs accidentally fall into the hands of unknown people, their troubles are sure to increase. What will happen if a girl extends a helping hand in that difficult situation and then the same person betrays her?

In Goa’s open culture, girls wearing bikinis become an item song. Actor Kunal Khemu, who made his directorial debut with Madgaon Express Review, has made ‘Madgaon Express’ from this clichéd mixture. Along with directing the film, he has also written its story, screenplay and dialogues. Seeing the fun of three friends in the trailer, it was expected that the film will make you laugh a lot, but the laughter is more annoying than less.

What is the story of Margao Express?

Madgaon Express Review: Pinku aka Prateek (Prateik Gandhi), Dhanush aka Dodo (Divyendu Sharma) and Ayush (Avinash Tiwari) dream of going to Goa since childhood. After graduation he becomes busy in his life. Ayush moves to New York and Prateek to Cape Town, while Dodo remains in Mumbai, but his dream of going to Goa remains intact. For him, Goa means girls wearing bikinis all around and the beautiful view of the beach.

Madgaon Express Review

Well, after about 15 years, Dodo invites both the friends for a holiday in Goa. Meanwhile, he shows his false world to his friends on internet media. Describes himself as very rich. On reaching Goa, all three unknowingly get entangled in the rivalry between cocaine smugglers.

Attempts to create comedy from incidents like this rivalry, mutual squabbles between the three friends, secrets about their personal lives, the collusion between the three with the drugs mafia prove to be unsuccessful.

Madgaon Express Review: Weak screenplay derails Margao Express

Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani made the films Dil Chahta Hai and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara on three friends and their journey. These films beautifully present friendship, journey and inner conflict.

As a producer, he must have been hoping that comedy master Kunal would bring some spice like Golmaal with his Margao Express. But, the weak screen play dashes the expectations.

Husband and wife face each other due to rivalry between two smuggling groups. The idea sounds interesting. However, there is nothing new in the vehicles of both of them coming face to face to show their rivalry and then showing their strength. The reason for Dodo not being able to move forward in life, friends’ easy acceptance of him, loneliness in Ayush’s life like incompleteness in many aspects.

Madgaon Express Review: Acting hesitant on the comedy track

Madgaon Express Review: Being able to do comedy is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is visible in the casting here. Prateek Gandhi, who was seen in the serious role of Dheer Gambhir in ‘Scam: The Harshad Mehta Story’, introduces his comedy abilities within the scope of the script. Divyendu Sharma’s comic timing is good, but here he is seen more in rhetoric and speech making.

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Scenes like his crush on Nora Fatehi make one yawn. Nora, who has done many dance items, now desperately needs to learn the nuances of acting. ‘Laila Majnu’ actor Avinash Tiwari does not seem comfortable in comedy. Be it Chhaya Kadam as smuggler Kanchan Komari or her smuggler husband Mendoza (Upendra Limaye), both are very loud in their characters.

Remo D’Souza looks attractive in the role of a doctor, but he lags behind in acting. The songs and music of the film are entertaining. The beauty of Goa has been depicted in many films before. Cinematographer Adil Afsar has not added anything new to this journey of Margao Express.

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