Leap Day 2024: Google congratulated Leap Day in a special way by making a doodle, a frog splashing in water!

Leap Day 2024: Google has congratulated on Leap Day (Google Doodle Leap Day 2024). The company has made a special doodle. By clicking on this doodle, more information can be found about the specialness of this day. Google made the first doodle regarding Leap Day in the year 2016. This time the doodle is seen with a frog splashing in water.

On every special occasion, Google congratulates its users through doodles. Today i.e. 29th February is also a very special day. This day of this year is special as Leap Day. On this occasion, Google has congratulated its users across the world by saying Happy Leap Day2024.

leap day 2024: what is leap day?

Leap Day 2024: Not only this, Google has also given information to its users about Leap Day 2024. Google writes, today is a special day. It is special because, this day has come in four years. The day that comes every four years is called leap day. The first leap day of 2024 came in 2020.

While giving information about Leap Day, Google has said that Leap Day comes once every four years, so that our calendar remains in sync with the Sun and the Earth. This is the bonus day of the month of February, so congratulations to all of you on Leap Day.

Leap Day 2024

Leap Day 2024: Frog splashing in water

Leap Day 2024: Google has revealed a frog for this year’s Leap Day. This frog is seen splashing in the water. The leaf on which the frog is splashing is tagged with the number 29. On the other hand, the card on the right side of this card shows the number 28, while the card on the left side shows the number 1.

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How were the previous doodles of Leap Day 2024?

Leap Day 2024: Google has been celebrating Leap Day through a doodle every four years. Google first congratulated Leap Day through a doodle in the year 2016. Every year, Leap Day doodles appear with different creativity. If you want to see the doodles of the previous leap day, then you can click on the doodles visible on Google search.

  • After clicking on the doodle and scrolling, you will have to click on Where This Doodle Appeared.
  • Now you can check the Google Doodles of all the previous leap days here.

FAQs -:

1. How many days are there in 1 leap year?

Ans -: The Earth takes 365 days and 6 hours to revolve around the Sun. That is why there are 366 days in a leap year. Different beliefs are prevalent in different countries regarding leap year.

2. What does leap year mean?

Ans -: A leap year is a year in which there is one more day or month (as in a lunisolar year).

3. How many leap years are there in a period of 100 years?

Ans -: Hence the correct answer is 24 years. Centennial leap years are those that are exactly divisible by 400. For example: 100, 200 are not leap years while 400, 800, 1200 are.

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