Khichdi Express Success Story: She became a millionaire by selling Khichdi in just 1 year, read her full story!

Khichdi Express Success Story: Today we are bringing before you all such a start story, you will be shocked to hear about it. Yes, today we will talk about the new startup business of a young girl. The young girl is less than a year old. After hearing this, you will not believe how anyone can create a business worth lakhs of crores by selling khichdi.

Before this, you must have heard about many new startup businesses, found many startups like Chai Suttabar or MBA Chaiwala, but this is one startup in food startup which gives you very different ideas. We are talking about Abha Singhal, a resident of Mumbai. About or started a business at her young age and on the basis of this business she has taken her business to crores of rupees within 1 year. It is believed that before this Abha Singhal was a model, now she is ready to start a business. Later she became a woman business entrepreneur.

Khichdi Express Story Overview -:

Startup NameKhichdi Express
FounderAabha Singhal
HomeplaceMumbai, India
Khichdi Express Revenue (FY 2023)₹50 Crore
Official WebsiteCLICK HERE

Khichdi Express was started -:

One day, Abha Singal was sitting and talking with her friends, then the idea of Khichdi business came to her mind, then she shared this audio with her friends, so that in the year 2019, she could start selling Khichdi to her friends. Why not start this business? I started this business through a website of khichdiexpress and within no time my business reached Rs 1 crore.

Abha Singhal did not limit her Khichdi business to this, she has also started Pakoras and many other Indian dishes along with this business.

Many outlets have opened -:

The Khichdi Express business started by Abha Singhal, which she started in 2019, has now taken this business forward a lot. Till now, many outlets of Khichdi Express have opened all over India. You can get a lot of variety in Khichdi Express. You can get Khichdi, now you can order this Khichdi online at home on Swiggy and Zomato.

This business, started by Abha Singhal, got the biggest boost in 2020 during the Corona epidemic when people were mostly getting attracted towards healthy food.

Had to face challenges -:

Abha Singhal, the founder of Khichdi Express, did not have an easy life because due to her parents’ divorce in her childhood, she had to stay in schools, hostels, and boarding schools instead of home. He started his studies by staying in a hostel due to which he could not get the love of his parents at home.

After completing her studies, when Abha returned to her home, the same daily fights kept happening there, due to which one day she decided to leave her home.

After some time, he decided to do an MBA from outside so that he could support himself for a long time. When he came back home after doing MBA after a long time, the same daily fights kept happening there which made him very sad. Faced with problems, seeing all this, one day he decided to leave his house.

When Abha Singhal came out of her house, she took some important things from home and started living with her friends. Abha Singhal was a very beautiful girl due to which she started working in modeling and she also started getting modeling work. Abha Singhal always She thought that she would not get much work in modeling so she thought of doing something else.

Today she is the owner of Rs 50 crore -:

Since Khichdi Express, which was started in 2019, Abha Singhal has crossed the Rs 50 crore mark in this business, due to which Abha Singhal has become a millionaire woman entrepreneur. In the first year, this business had crossed the Rs 1 crore mark.

Abha Singhal has now set the target of taking her Khichdi Express business beyond Rs 100 crore. Abha Singhal believes that in the coming few years, she will take her Khichdi Express business beyond Rs 100 crore. She believes this because she has always been She believed in herself and started a business like Khichdi with such faith in herself.

FAQs -:

1. Who started Khichdi Express?

Ans -: Khichdi Express Startup was started in the year 2019 by Abha Singhal, a resident of Mumbai.

2. What is the work of Khichdi Express Startup?

Ans -: Khichdi Express Startup is a restaurant type Startup in which you can eat different types of ‘Khichdi’.

3. What do you know about Khichdi?

Ans -: Khichdi is a popular Indian dish prepared by boiling lentils and rice together. This is especially useful for patients. In Northern India, the festival of Makar Sankranti is also known as “Khichdi”. There is a special trend of eating Khichdi on this day.

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