Karen Travers Wiki, Wikipedia, Bio, Age, ABC News, Prisoner, Fanart

Karen Travers Wiki, Wikipedia, Bio, Age, ABC News, Prisoner, Fanart

Karen Travers Wiki, Wikipedia, Bio, Age, ABC News, Prisoner, Fanart: This article is about Karen Travers. She is a reporter for ABC News. It tells us about her life, like where she was born and where she went to school.

Karen started working for ABC News in 2000. She talks about important things like politics. The story also talks about her family, her husband, and her kids. Karen really likes football too. Overall, it’s a nice story about Karen Travers and her job.

Karen Travers’ Background and Family

Karen Travers comes from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. She was born on May 14, 1978. Her mom and dad are named Bernadette M. Travers and William J. Travers. Karen grew up with two brothers and one sister.

BirthdateMay 14, 1978
BirthplaceBlue Bell, Pennsylvania
ParentsWilliam J. Travers, Bernadette M. Travers
SiblingsTwo brothers, one sister

Karen Travers’ Early Career

Karen started working with ABC News in 2000 after finishing her studies at Georgetown University. She began as a desk assistant and later became a Nightline researcher. Then, in 2004, she got the big job of covering the Bush-Cheney campaign.

Starting Year2000
PositionDesk assistant
Career ProgressionNightline researcher, Bush-Cheney campaign coverage

Karen Travers’ Marriage and Family Life

In 2007, Karen met John Anderson, who liked a different football team than hers. They got married on September 10, 2011. They have three kids: Maeve, born in 2013, and twins born in 2015.

Marriage DateSeptember 10, 2011
SpouseJohn Anderson
ChildrenMaeve Travers Anderson (2013), twins (2015)

Karen Travers’ Relationship and Marriage

Karen got married in 2011 to John Anderson. They met in 2007 in a sports bar. They talked about football and liked each other. They have three kids.

Karen Travers’ Professional Achievements

Karen has worked hard as a journalist. She covered big events like the 2008 Election and the Trump administration. She’s now a Washington correspondent for ABC News.

Current PositionWashington correspondent for ABC News
Key Events Covered2008 Election, Trump administration

Karen Travers’ Personal Interests

Karen likes spending time with her kids, exploring D.C., watching sports, and going to the beach. Karen enjoys both her work and family life also.

HobbiesSpending time with kids, watching sports
Favorite PlaceJersey Shore

Karen Travers’ Social Media Presence

Karen talks on Twitter and LinkedIn. Many people follow her on Twitter. She shares news and things about her family on it.


Karen Travers is a very good reporter. She works hard and tells us about politics on ABC News. She started liking politics when she was young and studied at college. Karen has a nice family with her husband and three kids. She is liked by many people for her work. Karen shows us that if we work hard, we can do well in our jobs.



Who is Karen Travers?

Karen Travers is a reporter who works for ABC News.

Where was Karen Travers born?

Karen Travers was born in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

What does Karen Travers talk about in her job?

Karen Travers talks about important things like politics in her job.

How many children does Karen Travers have?

Karen Travers has three children.

What does Karen Travers like besides her job?

Karen Travers really likes football.

When did Karen Travers start working for ABC News?

Karen Travers started working for ABC News in the year 2000.

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