My First First Love season 3 may be a Netflix Original is one of the K-Dramas that made fans dream about their college time as the story left them wishing for more. Almost 2 years have passed since My First First love come out with its 2 seasons. Fans still have some hope for an upcoming season 3. But will it ever come out?

Falling in love for the first time has always been a magical experience, and noting captures these concepts as effectively as Korean shows. K-Drama is known for its lighthearted and heartfelt depiction of pure love.

The first time TV series premiered on the Netflix network on April 18th, 2019 followed by a second season on July 26, 2019. Each season has 8 episodes, and although the ratings dropped significantly in season 2. Yoon Tae Oh starring Ji Soo in the TV series.

Season One received a 92% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, while the second season scored 80%. It seems like fans are already happy with how the first season ended and want to leave the story as it is. Hence, having a third season might just bring an even worse impact on the series.

Was My First First Love canceled or Renewed for Season 3? When does it start on Netflix? Now that season 2 is over, fans are wondering if the show will continue for another season or not. In this article, we have summarized everything we know so far about the upcoming season.

What Is the Storyline of My First First Love?

The story of two childhood best friends, Yoon Tae Oh and Han Song Yi, started back in 2015 with the drama Because It’s My First Time, As they grow up and start college, they realize that life is not easy and comfortable anymore. As love triangles, unspoken feelings, awkward silences, and unexplainable things start making themselves known in between friends.

But moving another year into college and solving some of their feelings, the friends decide to live together. Tae O, Song Yi, Do Hyun Ga Rin, and Hoon start living together, But feelings take their charge again!

My First First Love Season 3 Renewal Status?

Currently, Netflix has yet to release any updates on the renewal of My First First Love season 3. Many fans would likely be surprised to work out a renewal of the series because the ending didn’t leave any openings for a season 3. That’s to not say the makers couldn’t draft a story to bring the six friends together again.

There’s every chance that the story could follow on start after a time skip. through some drama and special circumstances, it could bring all six friends together all over again. Perhaps by this time within this story, Yoon Tae oh and Song-I are happily married and need to be a family.

So if they need their house there’s every chance we could see Yoon-Tae oh and Song-I’s home become the social hub for the group. especially if any of the characters are down on their luck. Season 2 did endwise, a really happy note so hopefully, none of their stories are ruined.

How Did My First First Love Season 2 End?

After turning 20, Yoon Tae O finally got the chance to live a life. Coming from a family with a busy schedule and always an unsatisfied father and a passive-aggressive stepmother, Tae O was excited to move out for college. Along with some restrictions, he finally got his grandfather’s old house to himself, along with the most beautiful and popular girl Se Hyun as his girlfriend.

And with that, he kickstarted his adulthood journey. But his dreams of living alone shatter quickly when his friends move into his house because of their own problems and have nowhere else to go.

And by the time we reached the break time, Tae O had come to the realization about his feelings for his childhood best friend, Song Yi. But it was too late for him as Song Yi was already dating his best friend, Do Hyun.

And being a mature adult, Tae O decides to do the bare minimum and doesn’t let his feelings interfere with the relationship between Song Yi and Do Hyun. Even though he tries to hide his feelings so hard, it doesn’t really happen.

And everybody in the house ends up noticing that childhood best friends have been hiding something. It was their feelings and affection for each other.

And the affection has always been there, but it was just us who were too blind to see that because of the changed context. The way Tae O has always been there for Song Yi since the start. Let it be the time when he stayed beside her and took her in when she got abandoned by her own mother. Or the time when he came to rescue her from a creepy college senior.

How Did Tae O and Song Yi Get Together?

And with time and complicated feelings, Do Hyun started falling out of love. And Tae O’s girlfriend ended up giving him an ultimatum that it was either her or Song Yi. But Tae O and Song Yi started getting closer. And as we reach the end, the best friends become free from their relationships and finally confess. Along with the lovers, the friends move on with their lives too.

Tae O’s dream girlfriend Ryu Se Hyun breaks up with him as he has feelings for somebody else. But it wasn’t a messy breakup. As she was leaving the country, the former couple decided to stay friends. On the other side, his friendship with Do Hyun was cool too. Wishing his best friend and former girlfriend happiness, Do Hyun went on to move out and follow his dreams.

Tae O went on to confess his love to Song Yi on a shopping trip. As they went out to buy a suit for her interview, he kept on showering her with compliments. As she asked him why is he calling her pretty, he just told her that doesn’t want to waste any more time and confessed his feelings.

The next day, Ga Rin left, too, as her father was back in the country. While Hoon finally talks to his mother and has an emotional reunion. While Song Yi, too, makes up with her mother. All the friends meet up after a month, a space created by Ga Rin just like the place they used to live at. She re-made the space that helped her in the hardest times to help others when they needed it!

My First First Love Season 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, there’s not going to be a season 3 for My First First Love considering that the show ended with a happy ending. The lovely cast has also moved on with new projects and other life events.

While there has been no word from the production team or the network about another season being in progress, we saw all of Tae’s friends moving out and having a life of their own.

So there’s nothing much left to cover in the new season. Going through adventures together, Tae O, Song Yi, Do Hyun, Ga Rin, and Hoon grew up together and went on to start their adult life that we all dream of starting after college.

My First First Love Season 3 Characters

Some new characters may also appear in season 3 as well.

  • Tae-oh Kang (Choe Hun)
  • Ji Soo (Yun Tae)
  • Chae-Yeon Jung (Han Song-I)
  • Jung Jinyoung (See Do-hyeon)
  • Choi Ri (Oh Ga-rin)
  • Halley Kim (Han Song)
  • Michelle Mao (Oh Ga-rin)
  • Andy Han (Seo Do-Hyeon)

Is There Any Trailer Yet?

Currently, there is no official trailer that has been released but we will get it soon. Till then, you can enjoy the last season. Hopefully, fans will soon receive a final release date and trailer for the third season of My First First love. Until then, we suggest you give it a go for those who haven’t watched the amazing Korean drama.

Where To Watch Online?

My First First Love has two seasons, and both seasons are available to watch on the streaming platform Netflix. Both seasons have eight episodes each, with every episode having a runtime of around 55 minutes.

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