Mr. Sunshine is one of those Historical dramas (South Korean TV Series) created by Jinnie Choi and written by Kim Eun-sook the show has received various positive reviews and ratings and is a critically acclaimed TV series.

Korean Dramas have become incredibly popular and know to be some of the highest-rated series. it is everywhere on Netflix and other volumes in the last few years.

And the most common reasons why drama gained such a wide following of viewers are their catchy soundtracks and high production, not only the romantic but also the historical genre.

If you love historical series, then this series is definitely worth watching. Here is everything we know about Mr. Sunshine Season 2, so far.

Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Netflix Release Date

The report confirms that Netflix acquired the rights to start streaming the Korean drama worldwide from production company Hwa&Dam Pictures and Studio Dragon. Netflix has been positioning itself to dominate the global streaming scene by beefing up its international show offerings recently with foreign-language series like The Rain, Dark, Undercover Law, and Deadwind. 

Mr. Sunshine was created by Kim Eun-sook and directed by Lee Eung-Bok, who are both known for their international hit Descendants of the Sun which is currently airing in South Korea.

Mr. Sunshine debuts two episodes a week, so Netflix is deviating from its usual “binge” style format to make sure the releases run in tandem with the regular broadcast. This allows fans around the world to get new material at the same time and avoid those pesky spoilers.

And, it’s a perfect time frame for a summer mini-series because it will wrap up the story near the beginning of the fall TV rush on cable networks as well as streaming services. So, if you want something to fill in that mini-gap in your TV schedule and make you get in your deepest feelings, then you should totally be watching this show.

Mr. Sunshine actually didn’t drop new episodes on the week of Sept. 16 because of the Chuseok (Harvest Mood Festival) holiday, per Rove. me. That means fans of the love-laden series are beyond reading for these remaining episodes following the holiday break.

A glance at the show’s Twitter hashtag reveals fans’ bittersweet emotions about the drama thus far and the inevitable end of this saga. There was a massive explosion and cliffhanger at the end of Episode 22, so there could possibly be some major deaths to reconcile.

Mr.Sunshine Season 2 Possible Release Date (Coming Soon)

Unfortunately, Mr. Sunshine’s season 2 release date is uncertain as of this writing. The creators haven’t provided any hint yet that can lead us to season 2 even the streaming partner Netflix didn’t say a word about it. 

However, there is still hope that season 2 might happen in the future since no official confirmation has been made from the makers of Netflix for the cancellation of Mr. Sunshine’s season 2. 

Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Cast & Characters

The cast members are:

  • Kim Tae-ri as Go Ae-Shin
  • Kim Tae-ri as Go Ae-Shin
  • Kim Min-jung as Lee yang-hwa/kudo Hina
  • Yoo Yeon-Seok as Ishida Sho
  • Byun Yo-han as Kim Hee-Sung

Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Expected Plot (Spoilers)

The Story of this series is about Choi Yoo-jin who moves to Korea after the tragic death of his mother. he was born into the slavery class. he comes back to Joseon as a captain of our marine corps. there, he falls for a noblewoman.

Go Ae-shin but, they face many challenges as they belong to different classes, and the fact that, Ae-Shin is engaged to a nobleman Kim Hee Sung Choi Yoo Jin was politically involved in Korea. He wants the colonization state in South Korea to improve.

The show made its place as one of the best Korean Shows in 2018. It’s because of its deep storytelling and its focus on Korea’s history. The show also highlighted various treatments, such as with women and low-class people.

Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Trailer

No, there is no trailer yet for Mr. Sunshine’s season 2 renewal has no official confirmation yet.

Sales & Merchandise

There has been a sale of more than 15,000 copies. DVD/Blu-Ray discs contribute to around 15-20% of the revenue for a Korean series. This may sound un-profitable and also made many animes a failure.

Korean Drama Series can promote a lot of products making it a booming industry. Some of the products which were sold as merchandise were:

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Where to Watch Online?

Mr. Sunshine is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation so those who want to watch it can check it out.

Frequently Ask Questions About Mr. Sunshine Season 2 (FAQ)

  1. Will there be Season 2 for Mr. Sunshine?

    Sunshine ended on September 30, 2018. Some of the cast and crew expressed their gratitude after the finale. According to them, the season reached its natural end, and there will not be any further seasons.

  2. Why did Mr. Sunshine get Cancelled?

    Sunshine is an American television sitcom that aired from February 9 to April 6, 2011, as a mid-season replacement. The single-camera comedy was co-created by Matthew Perry, who also starred in the series. ABC canceled the series on May 13, 2011, due to low ratings.

  3. Is Eugene Choi a real character?

    The series is a fictional story of two star-crossed lovers – Eugene Choi, a former Joseon slave who returns to Joseon as a United States Marine Corps officer, and Ae-shin Go, an aristocrat's daughter played by Tae-ri Kim.

  4. Is Mr. Sunshine Based on a true story?

    Lee is a fictional recreation of a real person in history — Ye Wan-Yong, a pro-Japanese minister of Korea who signed the Japan Korea Annexation Treaty which placed Korea under Japanese rule in 1910. Like the 2016 tvN hit drama “Reply 1988,” “Mr.

  5. Does Mr. Sunshine have a good ending?

    It doesn't end there, Eugene saves Ae-Shin from soldiers by using his last bullets to separate her train car. Eugene is then killed by multiple shots to the back by Japanese soldiers. In the epilogue, Ae-Shin continues to train soldiers under a liberated Korea, and all thanks to Mr. Sunshine aka Eugene.

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