How to start a Bike Service Center Business in 2024? – Bike Service Center Business

How to start a Bike Service Center Business in 2024? – What is bike service?

Friends, at present almost everyone has a two-wheeler in their house and today no house is left untouched where a two-wheeler is not seen. Now let us talk about bike service, as you all know any machinery item needs service after an interval of a few months.

Similarly, whether it is a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, they all need servicing from time to time, and repairing and servicing the bike in any way is called bike service.

If we want to get our two-wheeler washed or have any kind of work done, we take it to the service center. For this, service centers are open at different places, although every company also has its own service center.

Where you are given a lot of discounts and many services on all types of new two-wheelers related to the bikes of that company. When we go to a service center for any work related to the bike or take it for repair, then that center itself is called a service center.

Under this, every work related to the bike, whether it is tightening a screw or washing or repairing the entire bike, all the work is done in the service center only.

Many people work together to service the bike, some wash it and some clean its parts. Someone works on its oiling. In this way, everyone has their own different responsibilities.

What is Bike Service Center Business? – Bike Service Center Business

Friends, currently considered to be one of the most trading business plans, the bike service center business plan is one of the low-cost business plans to start.

Friends, whenever we use any machinery item, it is very important for us to pay special attention to its maintenance and servicing from time to time to keep it running smoothly for a long time.

Similarly, when we purchase a bike, it is very important to get it serviced from time to time so that its machine always remains in good condition and keeps working, that is, it remains in running condition. Bikes and scooters also have screws, gearboxes and engines.

It is very important to check and repair all these parts from time to time so that your two-wheeler can run smoothly without any problem.

Under the bike service center business plan, you have to provide all the facilities related to bike servicing. For which you have to hire tools, spare parts related to this field, and people working in this field and knowledgeable in this field.

The shop or center where all this work is done is called a service centre. It can also be opened through franchise or through one’s own shop. As we said that in this area it is now mandatory to have information related to two wheelers, be it bike or scooter. Only then can you setup this two wheeler business plan in a good way.

Cost for Bike Service Center Business -: Bike Service Center Business Cost

Friends, whenever we start the business of bike service center, we need good cost for it. That cost is divided into different parts. Let us know how and when we spend that cost.

Friends, if we start this business, even if we keep rough accounts, we will need more than one lakh rupees. If we start the business from our home, then all the money of our shop is saved.

If we spend our money on a shop, we have to pay rent as per the space and apart from this, whatever tools and machines we buy cost around Rs 30 thousand. Currently the necessary parts and accessories cost around Rs 50 thousand.

Friends, these are all rough calculations, apart from this there are many other needs in which our money is spent. Obviously we cannot run this business alone and for this also we have to appoint three to four people and we have to pay them also. Apart from this, electricity, water and other expenses have to be borne.

Documents required for bike service center business -: Bike Service Center Business Documents Required

How to start a Bike Service Center Business in 2024

Friends, whenever we open a service center, if we talk about the required documents, then first of all we have to decide whether we want to open a bike service center or take a franchise of a bike service center.

If you want to take a franchise, then you should have all the documents related to the franchise and if you want to start a service center yourself, then the documents required for it are as follows:

  1. Documents from the Trade Board: Get registered with the Trade Board of the area where you are starting your business and get the certificate from there.
  2. GST Friends, as you all know that GST number has become mandatory everywhere, so you will have to get the GST number of your business i.e. your service center also. Because whatever service you are providing to your customers under your business or whatever parts etc. related to bike and scooter you are selling is based on GST number only.
  3. Make sure to get the necessary documents of the shop done. Wherever you are opening the shop on any property, keep the papers of that property also with you.
  4. Friends, apart from this, keep all the documents from your bank account in order.
  5. Make sure to get Municipal Corporation documents done so that you are doing business under Municipal Corporation. You will get these documents only through the Municipal Corporation.

Tools for bike repairing -: Bike Repairing Tools

Friends, whenever we start a business, we also arrange for the necessary tools and equipment related to that business. Similarly, before opening a bike service center, it is very important to have all the equipment related to it.

Because a service center cannot be imagined without equipment, it is with the help of equipment that we repair the vehicles and take our service center forward. First of all in the list of tools, let us talk about hand tools.

There are many things in the car which you can correct with your hands, such as fixing the meter wire, any problem in the meter which does not indicate light or petrol, is also done with the help of wire. It can be cured only by.

  1. Screwdriver: With its help, all the nuts, bolts and screws of the vehicle are opened.
  2. Different-sized wrenches: It is required for different sized nuts and bolts.
  3. Plaice: Plaice is also required to hold any heavy nut, bolt or machine.
  4. Rubber Hammer: This different type of hammer is also required a lot in scooters and bikes.
  5. Tire pressure gauge: With its help, tire problems are rectified.

How to start bike service center business Step by Step?

Friends, when we start any business, we first plan it. Similarly, whenever we start a service center, it is very important for us to have complete information about the service center. It is not wise to step into this field without obtaining information.

Because if money is invested in this area then it takes a lot of money to open a good service center. If we want to start a business by taking a franchise, then we have to deposit some money as a franchisee also.

If you want to take a franchise, then it is very important to get complete information about the franchise. One cannot step into business without knowing what documents are required and what are the rules and regulations.

  1. Make a decision
  2. Learn bike repairing work
  3. Determine the budget (how much to invest in which area)
  4. Take over the shop and design the interior
  5. Purchase Tools
  6. Hire staff

Opening a service center cannot be imagined without tools. There are some big equipments like compressor for filling air, platform for washing the car, and also the complete washing unit has to be installed. Bike repairing center can also be started with small tools. It has some handle tools:

  1. Socket wrench with handlebar centration
  2. Screw Driver
  3. Hex Bit Socket
  4. Hammer
  5. Plastic rubber mallet
  6. Thin mouth plaice
  7. Tire pressure gauge
  8. Different types of wrenches

Motorcycle Toolbox Items -:

  1. Nitro Gulps
  2. Mechanical gloves
  3. Shop Rack
  4. Funnel
  5. Jeep Tide
  6. Locked Thread Lock
  7. Spare fuse
  8. Penetrating Oil
  9. Mixed nylon and wire brush
  10. Utility Knife
  11. Text Brush

Other Accessories -:

  1. Frontier Stand
  2. Rolling stool
  3. Work lamp with clamp
  4. Magnetic Disk
  5. Adjustable wrench
  6. Breaker Baar

FAQs -:

Q. After how many kilometers is the vehicle serviced?

Ans -: Friends, if we follow the advice of experts, then it is very important for our vehicle to get alignment done after every 2,500 km and wheel balancing after 5,000 km. However, if your car passes through rough or rather hilly roads then you should get your car serviced quickly.

Q. What happens in bike servicing?

Ans -: Friends, bike servicing includes all the work that your bike requires. Now whether it’s changing the engine oil and air filter or repairing the clutch, race and brake wires, this includes it.

Q. How to learn motorcycle work?

Ans -: Friends, as far as learning the work of a motorcycle is concerned, you can learn this work very easily by doing an ITI course. Along with this, we would like to tell you for your information that motor mechanic course and other related courses are offered by ITIs in almost all places in India.
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