Gogoro CrossOver S Electric Scooter: In the Gogoro electric scooter, you can remove the battery and insert another battery within 1 minute!

Gogoro CrossOver S Electric Scooter: Welcome to this interesting article of mine. Today I will tell you about the Gogoro electric scooter. We would like to tell you that in this you can remove the battery and insert another battery within 1 minute, which takes less time than filling petrol and let us tell you that on a single charge, this vehicle provides a long journey of up to 150 kilometers. Is.

For your information, we would like to tell you that Gogoro is a Taiwanese company that is actually an electric scooter manufacturing company. It was a few months ago that Gogoro CrossOver S was launched, named Gogoro CrossOver S, and now the company is preparing to launch Gogoro, so you stay with us in the Gogoro CrossOver S Electric Scooter article so that I can give you complete information. Can give.

Gogoro Crossover S Electric Scooter

Gogoro CrossOver S Electric Scooter: Although Gogoro has been discussed for a long time, ever since Gogoro CrossOver S was launched, it is expected that this vehicle can also be launched between March to April 2024. Its price is talked about, this car can be made available to you in the market between Rs 120000 to Rs 130000, but no official report has come yet from Gogoro company.

We get this as a fun feature that if you go out somewhere and the battery of your electric vehicle Gogoro CrossOver S goes down, then you can simply remove the battery from your scooter and replace it from their charging station.

Gogoro CrossOver S Electric Scooter Features

To change the battery, you simply have to click the set unlock feature given in the handle and lift the set from the backside. After lifting, you have to lift a layer, inside the seat in which two batteries are installed.

Gogoro CrossOver S Electric Scooter Features

You can simply remove it by pulling it outwards. After removing, you have to put both the batteries in the charging station. After inserting, the charging station automatically gives you two batteries on the front, which you can insert into the Gogoro CrossOver S.

The instrument console of the scooter includes digital displays of the speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, and clock. It also has LED headlights, tail lights, and turn signal lights. Along with this, it also has other features like cruise control, keyless start, pillion footrest, electric start, electric reverse, step-up seat/split seat, and USB charging. The estimated charging time for this scooter is 2 hours.

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Gogoro CrossOver S Electric Scooter Specifications

Gogoro CrossOver S is a budget-friendly electric scooter that is going to be available in India soon. This scooter is expected to be priced around Rs 1.20 lakh to Rs 1.30 lakh. It has a 7.6 kW brushless DC hub motor that produces 11.5 kW of peak power, giving it a top speed of 95 km/h and a peak torque of 110 Nm. This scooter provides a mileage of up to 150 kilometers on a single charge.

Gogoro CrossOver S Electric Scooter Specifications
Motor and Performance– 7.6 kW electric motor
– Gogoro’s proprietary Flo Drive belt drive system
– Maximum power of 7.6 kW
Design and Ground Clearance– All-terrain chassis with 14.2 cm (5.6 inches) ground clearance
Suspension and Wheels– Synchronized braking system
– Telescopic front fork and dual shock absorber setup at the rear
– 12-inch wheels with Maxxis dual-purpose rubber
Technology and Connectivity– LTE smart remote services
– Compatibility with Gogoro’s mobile app
– Traction Control System (TCS)
– Optional cruise control feature
Customization and Storage– Highly customizable with four built-in cargo compartments
– Compatible with various accessories such as luggage racks
Availability– Initially launched in Taiwan
– Available in two trim versions: CrossOver S and
– Plans for rollout in other markets in the future
Overall– Represents a significant advancement in Gogoro’s vehicle lineup
– Offers performance, versatility, and customization for diverse riding preferences

Some of the key features of this scooter include – 1-channel ABS, telescopic forks for the front suspension, and dual shock absorbers for the rear suspension. Its dimensions are 1949 mm in length, 1132 mm in width, and 673 mm in height.

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