Gary Sinise Son Death: ‘Forest Gump’ actor Gary Sinise faces grief, 33-year-old son passes away!

Gary Sinise Son Death: Mac Sinise, the 33-year-old son of America’s famous actor Gary Sinise, who won the hearts of fans with his acting in films like Forrest Gump and Captain America, passed away after battling cancer. Gary Sinise, while sharing the information about his son’s death on his website, told how many people have to struggle with this cancer in the US every year.

Actor Gary Sinise, who gained popularity with films like ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and ‘Forest Gump’, has been hit by a mountain of sorrows and his family. American actor Gary Sinise’s 33-year-old son McKenna Anthony has died at the age of 33 after a long illness.

Gary Sinise himself has shared the information about his son’s demise on his social media account. Along with this, he has also sent a message to the fans of McKenna Anthony aka Mac Sinise. After hearing the news of the demise of Gary Sinise’s son, fans are also paying tribute to him on social media.

Gary Sinise Son Death

Gary Sinise Son Death: Gary Sinise’s son Mac was battling cancer

Gary Sinise Son Death: 68-year-old American actor Gary shared the news of his son’s demise on his website ‘Gary Sinise Foundation’. While sharing the information with fans on his official Instagram account, he told that after a five-year long battle, his son Mac lost the battle of cancer.

Mac Sinise died on January 5, 2024. The American actor wrote on his website, “On August 8, 2018, Mac was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Chordoma. This disease occurs in the spinal cord. More than 300 people in the US suffer from it every year.”

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Gary Sinise Son Death: Gary Sinise’s wife also had cancer

Gary Sinise Son Death: The Forrest Gump actor also revealed that his son Mac was diagnosed with cancer shortly after his wife Moira Harris was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. His wife’s cancer was cured, but his son’s cancer continued to spread throughout his body. While sharing more information about his son’s cancer, he said that in the year 2018, his son was diagnosed with chordoma cancer.

Between 2018 and 2020, his son had five different spinal surgeries. Let us tell you that even after suffering from cancer, Mac along with his collaborators made albums named Resurrection and Revival. Expressing his grief over the loss of his son, Gary Sinise said that his son died the same week that his album went to press.

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