Reyka Season 3 When Will It Release? What Is The Cast, Where To Watch, Rumors, Schedule and Spoilers

People around the world usually do not give South African media content a try even though there are many hidden gems out there. The show from South Africa we are talking about today is Reyka which belongs in the crime thriller genre and is also known as The Cane Field Killings in some places.

Reyka is a production of Quizzical Pictures originally produced for the M-Net subscription channel for television. The Cane Field Killings came to life with its first season in July 2021 and has been running ever since as it is available for outside countries too thanks to Fremantle distributing the TV show internationally.

Reyka has been nominated eight times out of which the show won 4 times at the 2022 South African Film and Television Awards. Ever since season 2 of The Cane Field Killings has been announced, people also want to know whether a season 3 is on the horizon or not. Here we will talk about all the intel we have on the release date of Reyka or The Cane Field Killings season 3 including spoiler discussions.

Reyka Season 3 Overview

Season TitleReyka (The Cane Field Killings)
No. of Seasons2
No. of Episode16
Written byRohan Dickson
Directed byCatharine Cooke, Zee Ntuli
GenreCrime, Drama, Thriller
Release dateSouth Africa
ProductionQuizzical Pictures, Serena Cullen Productions
Available OnApple TV+

When Is Reyka Season 3 Coming Out?

Reyka or The Cane Field Killings has been a popular series so far as it has been loved by fans all around the world. Even though the reviews online claim Reyka is a mixed bag, we say otherwise and find the series to be a compelling thriller. With season 2 of The Cane Field Killings launching very soon on OTT platforms, people are already asking about what is next for our tough protagonist Reyka.

Unfortunately, no conversations are happening about Reyka getting a season 3 at the time of writing this article. However, it is too early to have this conversation anyways since the season 2 of Reyka is not even out yet which means season 3 might be waiting for us in the future.

Reyka season 2 was confirmed to be in the works in November of 2022 which was 2 months after the show finished its run of season 1.

Considering this fact, we can assume that a season 3 announcement for Reyka might come somewhere around March or April of 2024 with the season itself coming out somewhere at the end of 2025.

However, these are all just assumptions as Reyka can even get canceled at some point if the mixed reviews keep hampering the reputation of the show in the future.

Storyline of Reyka: What is it able to be about?

The story of Reyka or The Cane Field Killings revolves around our protagonist Reyka. We get to see two versions of Reyka as we look into her past self and her present self throughout the runtime of the series.

In 1994, Reyka was kidnapped at the age of 12 years old by Angus Speelman who for four years abused her sexually.

After taking the sexual abuse for four years, she found her freedom by escaping at the age of 16 as her kidnapper was caught red-handed by the police and sent to prison for good.

In the present time, Reyka is all grown up and has taken the job of a criminal profiler searching for a serial killer who goes by the name of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The person Reyka is looking for is responsible for multiple murders and she is doing her best to find the serial killer while also dealing with her childhood that left her traumatized.

Reyka uses her trauma to deal with the criminal cases by understanding what goes on in the minds of the criminals hiding in Africa.

Reyka or The Cane Field Killings is an action thriller that deals with our protagonist Reyka as she deals with her past where she was sexually abused by her kidnapper for four years while she helps catch criminals to keep Africa safe from goons.

What happened at the end of Reyka Season 2?

Reyka or The Cane Field Killings ended on a solid note with its first season which felt like a satisfying ending. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the ending of Reyka season 2 as the entire season is not out yet.

We will have to wait for The Cane Field Killings season 2 to launch this month which is when we will be able to discuss the outcomes of this thriller series.

However, one thing we should keep an eye out for are hints towards a season 3 as maybe there can be a post-credit scene or a mid-credit scene that shows us a scene confirming or hyping the fans for a season 3 of Reyka.

What will be Going to Happen in Season 3 With Expectations and Spoilers?

The plot of Reyka or The Cane Field Killings is quite interesting and engaging which is why the fans love the show so much.

Season 3 of Reyka might bring some new threats to the table if it ever gets confirmed by the studio where we can see Reyka taking on a big organization by herself as she faces the trauma she felt during her childhood.

This creates for an interesting watch but none of this has been confirmed by the studio themselves are just small predictions at this point.

In fact, predicting the story of season 3 of Reyka is not easy at all since the second season is not even out yet due to which we cannot assume what can we expect in season 3.

The ending of Reyka season 2 could drop some hints as to where the series is heading but that is something we will have to wait for when it releases in a few days on OTT platforms.

Who Will Be the Part Of Reyka Season 3?

Reyka Season 3 Cast
Kim EngelbrechtDr. Reyka Gama
Iain GlenAngus Speelman
Anna-Mart van der MerweElsa
Rashaan StacklingThulisile Gama
Hamilton DlaminiBrig. Hector Zwane
Leeanda ReddyDet. Alia Sewsunker
Thando ThabetheDet. Nandi Cele
Sifiso SimamaneHadebe

How is the Show Rated So Far?

Reyka is a fantastic show so far but it has been a victim of review bombing on the internet for no apparent reason which is why its ratings have dropped on major review sites.

However, that does not mean that it is not receiving the love it deserves as there are still people who have given Reyka some love. The Cane Field Killings has currently mixed reviews on sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes where the ratings are 6.4/10 and 64% respectively.

How Many Episodes Will be There in Reyka Season 3?

A good story needs time and space to flow naturally so the pace of the plot does not get ruined creating a haphazardly created story that feels rushed and boring. The Cane Field Killings has delivered a great story with 8 episodes in the first season and we are hoping it will do the same in the second season.

However, we are not sure whether season 3 of The Cane Field Killings will follow the same route or not which is why we can assume that maybe there will be either 8 or more episodes in the season but we will have to see what we get served.

Here is the episode guide for season 2
EpisodeEpisode nameAir date
1Episode 1Thu, Jan 4, 2024
2TBAThu, Jan 18, 2024
3TBASun, Feb 25, 2024
4TBAThu, Feb 1, 2024
5TBAThu, Feb 8, 2024
6TBAThu, Feb 15, 2024
7TBAThu, Feb 22, 2024
8TBAThu, Feb 29, 2024

Where can You Watch the Show?

Reyka is available to stream on Apple TV + where you can watch the entire first season of the show along with season 2 when it releases soon in January.

Is There Any News Reyka Season 3 Trailer?

The trailer for the coming season of Reyka has not been released yet. We can anticipate the appearance of the trailer, moreover latterly this time or conceivably in early 2025, furnishing regard into what the forthcoming season has in store.


FAQ About Reyka

1. How many episodes are there in Reyka?

There are a total of 16 episodes in Reyka, you can watch.

2. Who is the writer of Reyka?

The writer of Reyka is Rohan Dickson.

3. What is the genre of Reyka?

4. How many seasons are there of Reyka?

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