Planners Season 3: Release Date, The Cast of the New Season, and All Important Updates Till Now

“Planner” is a fun show about the challenges of organizing events. It’s perfect if you enjoy lighthearted yet touchy stories. The second season premiered on December 13, 2023, and it has captured the interest of many. People who’ve watched the current episodes are excitedly awaiting news about when Season 3 will be released.

The show explores the highs and lows of planning and managing perfect events. If you’re a fan of easygoing, relatable content, “Planners” might be just what you’re looking for. The recent season has left viewers curious about what happens next, creating anticipation for the upcoming season.

So, if you enjoy shows centered around event planning and the adventures that come with it, keep an eye out for updates on the release of “Planners” Season 3. Here in this article will tell you if there’ll be Planners season 3, its release date, Plot, where to watch it, ratings, and of course spoilers!

Planners Season 3 Overview

No. of Seasons2
Total Episodes13
WriterPablo Bossi, Luz Marquez
DirectorDaniel Barone
GenreComedy, Drama
Country of OriginArgentina
ProductionPegsa Group
Available OnHulu

When Are Planners Season 3 Coming Out?

As both season 1 and Season 2 of the Argentine show Planners have been released within the same year time frame of 2023, fans are generally excited to see the third season of the show.

So far now, there has been no official release date or confirmation for Season 3 of Planners from the show’s creators. However, fans don’t need to lose hope, as looking back we can see there was hardly a gap between the release of two consecutive seasons of Planners.

So if all goes well, and if the creators are happy with the feedback of the second season, we can hope to witness an official word about season 3 if not season 3 itself further in 2024.

What is it Able to Be About?

Malena’s journey starts after a divorce from Marcos. Facing unemployment and confusion, she lost her event agency to her ex-husband. But fate intervenes when she meets Cali, a passionate and ambitious woman. Cali’s influence reignites Malena’s passion, prompting her to start a new event-planning business from scratch.

However, rebuilding isn’t easy, as organizing exceptional events poses challenges for planning companies. Despite the hurdles, Malena’s determination and Cali’s support create a story of resilience and rebuilding.

The narrative revolves around Malena navigating a fresh start and overcoming obstacles, highlighting the complexities of rebuilding after setbacks. This tale explores themes of empowerment, passion, and the challenges faced in the world of event planning.

The show involves handling stress and emotions to make people’s dreams come true, creating unforgettable experiences. It celebrates the dedication and hard work needed in event planning, making it a fitting tribute to the industry.

The show showcases the thrills and excitement of throwing the perfect party, highlighting the challenges and joys of this demanding profession.

What Happened at the End of Planners Season 2?

In the Season 1 finale of Planners, things got crazy. Malena and her team were excited about a new project. Cali went missing, taking something important. Javi’s car accident made Malena skip the event to be with him.

Concerned about their son, Malena and Marcos decided to work together. Cali’s disappearance and the agency’s losing funds caused even more chaos. Later on, Cali came back, trying to fix the problems that had occurred. The finale was full of surprises and challenges for the characters in Planners.

Season 2 kicks off with Cali returning the money, but Malena’s not forgiving. She keeps Cali at arm’s length, wanting to cut ties. A messy encounter at her parents’ wedding renewal spills Marcos’ confession. Javier ditches the wedding last minute. Julio pops in and out of Andy’s life.

In a twist, Malena decides to sell the house, and Marcos eyes it as the first buyer. Clara’s water breaks; Cali takes her to the hospital, trying to mend things with Malena, but no luck. Andy, refusing more treatment, invites Malena for a farewell night without mentioning his health.

After a wild night ending in a bar bathroom, Cali helps out. Clara opens her home to Malena and Cali, seeking a break from the agency, Malena books a ticket south.

Planners Season 1 closed with suspense, and Season 2 brought fresh drama. Cali’s return with cash didn’t fix Malena’s grudge. Marcos spills a secret at a family event, Javier skips a big moment, and Julio plays peek-a-boo in Andy’s life.

Malena decides to sell her house, catching Marcos’ eye. Clara’s delivery turns chaotic, and Cali’s attempts to fix things with Malena fail. Andy, facing health issues, invites Malena for an adventurous night. After a wild evening, Clara welcomes Malena and Cali into her home. Seeking a break, Malena jets off south.

What Will be Going to Happen in Season 3 With Expectations and Spoilers?

In Season 3 of Planners, the stakes are higher as Malena grapples with the aftermath of selling her house to Marcos.

Nothing for sure can be predicted, as the creators already might have something on their minds but Malena and Marco’s intertwined history creates tension, which might force them to navigate a newfound dynamic.

Cali, still seeking redemption, may face unexpected challenges, testing her commitment to change. Andy’s health issues could escalate, adding emotional weight to his relationship with Malena. The agency’s future hangs in the balance, with new projects and rivalries emerging.

As the plot unfolds, Julio’s sporadic presence may unveil hidden secrets, impacting the lives of those around him.

Clara’s life as a new mother adds a layer of complexity, potentially reshaping her relationships with Malena and Cali. The characters may embark on personal journeys, challenging their growth and resilience.

Whatever the plot might enfold, it is sure going to be a mix of emotions, unexpected alliances, and surprising revelations that will keep viewers hooked on the Planners’ ever-evolving drama.

Who Will Be the Part Of Planners Season 3?

Planners Season 3 Cast
Celeste CidMalena
Leticia SicilianiCali
Gonzalo ValenzuelaMarcos
Guillermo PfeningAndy Garrison
Marcos MontesRay
Matías RecaltJavier Gutiérrez
Camila PeraltaClara
Violeta ReznikToni

How is the Show Rated So Far?

The show has been rated a mid-range of 5.6/10 on IMDb which reflects that it might not have resonated with the audience on much deeper level.

How Many Episodes Will be There in Planners Season 3?

Season 1 of Planners has had 9 episodes and Season 2 so far has had 4 episodes so it is a little tricky to guess the exact episode number of Season 3 if there’s one, but it is supposed to be within this range.

EpisodeEpisode NameAir date
1Las Segundas PartesWed, Dec 13, 2023
2Episode 2Wed, Dec 13, 2023
3Episode 3Wed, Dec 13, 2023
4El Fin Del MundoWed, Dec 13, 2023

Where Can You Watch the Show?

The show is a Hulu Exclusive and can be only accessed through the Official streaming platform. It might be available on other unofficial sites but we strictly condemn piracy.

Is There Any News Planners Season 3 Trailer?

The trailer for the coming season of Planners has not been released yet. We can anticipate the appearance of the trailer, moreover latterly this time or conceivably in early 2024, furnishing regard into what the forthcoming season has in store.


FAQ About Planners

1. What is the genre of Planners?

Its a Comedy, Drama series.

2. Who is the writer of Planners?

The names of the writers are Pablo Bossi and Luz Marquez.

3. How many episodes are there in Planners?

There are a total of 13 episodes in Planners, you can watch.

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