Arak Season 2 Plot, Cast, What to Expect, Where to Watch?

Arak season 2 is a Turkish TV series have enjoyed high popularity among viewers, who are drawn to the master storytelling, fabulous acting by talented actors, and engaging plots that attract viewers’ attention.

A new web series directed by Ender Milhar. It promises to be intriguing and breathtaking. It presents an entertaining and unusual tale of two lovers and how their love for each other affects their lives and those they care about.

Arak Season 2 Overview

Before reading the article, read the overview section to learn all the basic information about the series Arak Season 2.

No. of Seasons:01
No. of Episode: 06(S01)
Release date:N/A
Country of origin:Turkey
Cast:Ilker Kaleli, Öykü Karayel
Season 1 StatusRunning
Run Time1h 59m
Available On:FOX

Arak Season 2 Release Date

The release date of Season 2 has yet to be accurately predicted. But based on the release date of the 1st Season, we can expect the 2nd Season to drop by December 2025.

There has yet to be any official confirmation by the producers or any other person or source close to the show.

Turkish shows generally have significant episodes of more than one and a half hours, with each Season having, on average, more than ten episodes; they tend to finish the story in one Season only. Let’s hope that this is not the case in Arak.

Arak season 1 Storyline

In 1998, Elif Çinar, the wife of Rauf Çinar, one of Turkey’s most brilliant economics professors, who is famous throughout the country for his expertise and contribution to the subject.

One night, Rauf Cinar is stabbed by a burglar named Necip Talan. The lives of the two families (the burglar Talans’ and the rich woman he stabbed Çinars) from entirely different worlds change after that night.

Rauf Çınar’s daughter Zeynep Çınar loses her mother that night, who is killed by the burglar.Akay Talan’s father, whom he considered the hero in his life, also died that night.
Akay Talan becomes homeless and hopeless that night after his father, his only hero, dies.
So he decides that under the name Kara, he swears to steal from those who steal from them (the Turkish poor) so that no child will suffer the same fate as him.

Meanwhile, Zeynep Çınar, after completing her studies abroad, returns to Istanbul.
Her love for plants, inherited from her mother, keeps her busy at work as she makes documentaries on plants.

The only thing these two people of two different worlds have in common is that night, they both lost their loved one, without whom the world was not the same for either of them.

But destiny is a powerful thing, and it’s all set to unite these two; whether they like it or not, life will bring them face to face once again, and even the obstacles in front of them will not prevent them from falling in love. But what will happen when the truth of the fact that it was Talan who killed Zeynep’s mother comes out?

Arak Season 1 Cast and Characters

A robust cast can impact the audiences with the quality of their acting. Turkish actors are known worldwide for the quality of acting they bring to the table with them.

Arak Season 2 Plot, Cast, What to Expect, Where to Watch?
Ilker KaleliKara
Öykü KarayelZeynep
Demircan KacelRüzgar Çinar
Furkan KalabalikSedat Talan
Ali Bahadir BaharVender
Tülin ÖzenYosun Altan
Mehmet ÖzgürRauf Çinar
Bennu YildirimlarSema Talan
Yildiray SahinlerHalim Talan

How Many Episodes Will Be There in Arak Season 2?

The Arak series’ first season has 6 episodes. We can predict that the Arak season 2 will also have the same number of episodes.

What will happen in Arak Season 2 (Spoilers and Expectations)?

The Arak season 1 will see Kara and Zeynep, two people from two different worlds, meet and fall in love with each other. In Arak Season 2, we can expect their story to continue as their love for each other grows and their worlds merge.

But what would happen if Zeynep came to know that it was the love of her life that killed her mother, the person she admired the most and whose legacy she had inherited after she followed the love of plants that she and her mother had in common?

It remains to be seen whether Zeynep leaves Kara to kill her mother or if she will bury the past and accept that he has changed and let bygones stay bygones.

How Is the Season 1 Rated So Far?

The show has decent ratings on IMDb with a 6.5/10; the acting by the cast of the show received praise from audiences on Reddit, and the show, along with its catchy music, nuanced storytelling, and sudden twists in the plot, is being loved by the audiences.

Where Can You Watch The Show?

If you currently reside in Turkey, you can watch the show on Fox Turkey, but the show is not available on any platform for audiences of other countries. The 1st episode with English Subtitles is available to watch on Dailymotion.


Frequently Asked Questions About Arak Season 1

What is the genre of Arak?

Arak is a Drama series.

What is the country of origin?

Turkey is the country of origin.

Where can you watch Arak season 1?

You can watch Arak on Fox and The 1st episode with English Subtitles is available to watch on Dailymotion.

How many episodes are there in Arak season 1?

The series’ first season has 6 episodes.

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