Elvish Yadav News: These days, the issue of Elvish Yadav is on social media, he is badly trapped in the matter of arranging snake poison!

Elvish Yadav News: These days the issue of Elvish Yadav is in the news on social media. He is badly involved in the matter of arranging snake poison in a rave party. As soon as the information about Elvish’s arrest in this case came on social media, there was a flood of comments on it. A video has gone viral in which YouTuber’s mother can be seen crying.

Elvish Yadav News -:

Well-known YouTuber and ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ winner Elvish Yadav is getting surrounded by many controversies one after the other. First for assaulting Maxtern (Sagar Thakur) and now for supplying snake venom in the party, he has been kept in judicial custody for 14 days. After the arrest of Elvish, some have come in his support, while some have trolled him. Meanwhile, actor Aly Goni has said something about Elvish’s mother through a post.

Elvish Yadav News

As soon as the news of Elvish Yadav came out, a video started going viral on social media, in which it was claimed that his mother started crying after the news of his arrest. Aly Goni is heartbroken after watching the video of Elvish’s mother crying. He shared a post about his mother on the X platform, for which fans have also commented in support.

Elvish’s mother is in bad condition while crying -:

According to reports, after Elvish’s arrest, he spent his first night in jail tossing and turning. On the other hand, mother Sushma Yadav is in bad shape after seeing her son in trouble. His crying video surfaced on social media, after watching which actor Aly Goni could not stop himself from saying anything in this matter.

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Aly Goni said this -:

‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ actor Aly Goni, while reacting to this video, has expressed hope that Elvish will return home soon. He posted, ‘It breaks my heart to see Elvish’s mother crying. I hope that he is able to meet his son soon and in future, Elvish also stays away from such controversies.

Let us tell you that Elvish Yadav is the first winner in the history of ‘Bigg Boss’, who won the trophy of this show by being a wild card contestant. However, ever since winning ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, his name has been coming up in some controversy or the other.

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