Editorial Policy

Guideline And Code of Practice

Genreal Purpose

Our main purpose is to provide the latest Entertainment & Anime News to its users. A News website to first a commercial business. However, it also plays a crucial role in shaping society by providing a spotlight on The EdiAnime, Manga News. The News we provide to our users is genuine and latest. The Bitsnewsz shall be obliged to report the latest news accurately and fairly.


  • Make reasonable efforts to ensure that material facts are accurate and presented in context.
  • Do not present actual content in a way that will materially mislead the audience. In some cases, this may require appropriate labels and other explanatory details.

Writing Guidelines

The Editor can write a Post on The Bitsnewsz but there are some basic guidelines about writing on The Bitsnewsz.

  • The Information is given in the post is real and suitable for our users.
  • Id there is some information which is suitable for some specific age group Please mention in the posts.
  • The Editor should submit only a complete post, an uncompleted post or partly completed posts should not be accepted.
  • The Content submitted by the editor would not contain any promotional activities. The content must be clear and only for the users.
  • The Editor should submit the latest or exclusive content only, copyrighted content is also not accepted.
  • The Editor should provide the categories of the content before submitting it to us.
  • The Content submitted to us is must be free from errors so editors Please Check before submitting it to us.

Style Guidelines

  • The Content submitted by the editors or our users must be in a proper way or systematic way.
  • The Editor should use the proper tables for the great experience of the users and the proper use of abbreviations, acronyms, currency, dates, headings, etc.


Submit solely exclusive content that has not been printed elsewhere (e.g.., on websites, blogs, newsletters, magazines, books, etc. The Bitsnewsz needs 1st right of refusal and can copyright all works selected for publication. There aren’t any expectations. References; Marketing Health Service is a magazine, not a journal. If detailed attributions are necessary, please incorporate them into the text.

Our Privacy

The Bitsnewsz has some Privacy & Policies and when any user enters our website it automatically accepts our policies so it’s the user’s responsibility to read our website Policies.

For Privacy & Policy Please Visit Our Privacy & Policy Page.

Claim and Data

All claims and Data regarding finance should be duly examined before including in the article. No false claims and based data will be entertained by the clients. The writers must link the data/statistics/claims to a relevant website where it was published previously.


Your article should have a definite objective that must be followed to provide value. We aim to provide articles that can present the latest news to our readers and help them understand the nuances of finances.


  • All Content on The Bitsnewsz is their Real content and The Bitsnewsz copyrights all contents published on or website.
  • The Bitsnewsz Editors or Journalists will not use for their own purpose, Material obtained or received during or in the course of their employment nor shall they pass on such information to others.
  • The Bitsnewsz shall own and have sole rights relating to intellectual property rights in the materials submitted and all copies thereof in whatever format.

Child Protection

The Bitsnewsz has a responsibility to protect children and minors from potential harm that might arise during their engagement with The Bitsnewsz and Its content. So Highly, recommend Parents to supervise their children when they are visiting our website and our content. It’s always not possible for us to prevent presenting content that distresses some users.

Victimes of Rape or Indecent Assault or Sexual Harrasement

  • The Identity of Rape victims and other victims of sexual violence shall not be published by The Bitsnewsz without their consent.
  • The Identity of perpetrators of sexual violence and their residence after serving prison terms shall not be protected by The Bitsnewsz publications.


  • Comment by The Bitsnewsz can be an honest expression of opinions.
  • The Bitsnewsz allows their users to comment on someone’s posts.
  • All Comments are read and approved by Us.


If You have any Query & Questions regarding our Editorial Policy Please Contact Us.