Best 8 Business Ideas in 2024: You can earn good money by doing any one of these business ideas

Best 8 Business Ideas in 2024 -:

1. Day-care service Business –

Friends! In today’s era, working women have to face many difficulties in raising their children. Working women cannot take their children to their workplace. In such a situation, they are worried about taking care of the child.

These women contact day care services to take care of their children. Women leave their children at the day care service center while going to office and collect the child when they return from office. The day care service takes good care of their child throughout the day.

If you are thinking of starting a business, then you can start a day care service business. To start this business, the most important thing is that you know how to take care of children. Have knowledge of things related to their diet and health.

Talking about investment, it costs at least Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh to start a day care service. You also have to keep some workers with you. This is a good business idea in today’s time.

2. Marriage Bureau Business -:

Every parent searches for a good life partner for their children who can support them at every turn of life. Marriage is considered the most sacred bond in our country. You can do a noble deed by joining two good people.

If you are thinking of starting a business then you can open a marriage bureau. To start a marriage bureau, you will need a small room. Apart from this, you will also need some staff. The cost of starting this business is very low.

If your contacts are very good then your business will do well. If we talk about skills, your communication skills should be good. The success of this business depends on how successful are the weddings conducted by you.

Best 8 Business Ideas in 2024

Therefore, before entering into any relationship, collect information thoroughly about both the parties. Marriage bureau business is very popular everywhere in small towns, cities and big cities.

3. Dance Center -:

It is impossible for your feet not to tap when a song of your choice is playing. People have always liked dancing. There are many people who do not know how to dance well. They join dance centers to learn dance.

If you know how to dance well and want to start your own business, then you can open a dance center. The cost of opening a dance center is very low. You will need a large space for the dance center. If you want, you can start the work in the hall or terrace of your house.

There are many benefits of dancing. Dance also proves helpful in losing weight. It keeps a person fit, that is why nowadays most of the people join dance centers. There are many benefits of opening a dance center – firstly, you will remain fit yourself, secondly, you will keep people fit and thirdly, you will earn good money from it.

4. Photography Business -:

If you are fond of taking photographs and take good pictures, then you can turn this hobby of yours into a profession. You can start your career as a photographer. The investment to start this business is very low as you just need a camera for photocopying.

You should tell your friends, relatives, neighbors etc. that you work as a photographer. This will increase your customers. If you want, you can also open a shop. Nowadays photographers earn lakhs of rupees from just one wedding.

Nowadays, there are many photo shoots in weddings like pre wedding photoshoot, post wedding photoshoot, photos of all the wedding rituals etc. Just one of these photoshoots costs lakhs. If seen from the point of view of earning, photography is a very good means of earning. You can earn lakhs of rupees on the basis of your talent.

5. Yoga Trainer Business -:

Good health is the biggest income of a man. If your health is not good then no matter how much money you have, what will you do with it? Therefore it is very important to have good health. To keep themselves healthy, people do yoga, meditation, pranayam etc. There are many people who do not know how to do yoga.

These people join yoga centers. If you know how to do yoga or have done a certificate course in yoga, then you can work as a yoga trainer. If you want, you can also open your own yoga center. To open a yoga center, you will need a place where natural air comes.

For this, you can use the terrace of your house. If you do not have a terrace big enough to open a yoga center there, then you can also teach yoga to people in a nearby park.

If we talk about earning, then earning in this work is good. Your earning depends on how many people come to you to learn yoga? Gradually, when the number of people coming to you to learn will increase, your income will also increase.

6. Ice Cream Parlor Business -:

Everyone likes to eat ice cream. Everyone, children and old, like ice cream. The demand for ice cream increases during the summer season. People eat ice cream every day. If you are thinking of starting your own business then you can open an ice cream parlor.

To open an ice cream parlor you will have to rent a shop. Keep in mind that your shop should be at a place where people come and go. Apart from this, you will have to take franchise of a good ice cream brand. While taking a franchise, keep in mind that the brand should be famous among the people.

Most people like that brand of ice cream. If we talk about investment, the amount of money spent on taking the franchise will be your total investment. Apart from this, there will be some expenses in renting the shop and making furniture.

7. Beauty Parlor Business -:

Beauty parlor is a good business idea. Nowadays, beauty parlor business is doing well everywhere in village and city. Everyone likes to look beautiful. Whether going to a wedding or any such small function, most of the people get ready from the beauty parlor.

In such a situation, this business is a very good business. You can start beauty parlor work at your home. For this, you will need an empty room in your house, where you can setup your beauty parlor. Talking about cost, to start a beauty parlor you will have to spend at least forty to fifty thousand rupees.

Keep one thing in mind that whatever products you use, they should be good products. Never use cheap products for makeup because if someone’s skin gets damaged due to the makeup done by you, then he will not come to your parlor again.

Once your customers start increasing, you will earn good income. If you do not know how to work in a beauty parlor then you can do a beauty parlor course in three-four months. After that you can open your beauty parlor.

8. Handcraft Seller Business -:

In today’s time where every item is being made by machine. Even today people like hand made goods. Handmade goods have the fragrance of our soil and are a reflection of our culture. The market of handmade goods is growing day by day.

If you are thinking of doing business then you can become a handicraft seller. To start the business of selling handicraft goods, you will have to contact those people who make goods with their own hands.

You can buy goods from those people and wholesale or retail them. Or by joining Sachi Khabar Platform, you can create your own eCommerce website and sell your handcrafted products across the country.

It does not cost much to start this business. You will have to rent a shop, where you will sell handcraft items.

If we talk about earning, there is good earning in this business. There is a demand for hand made goods everywhere in the country and abroad. In such a situation, this is a good business in terms of earning.

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