Best 5 Small Business Ideas in 2024: (High Income with Low Cost)

Best 5 Small Business Ideas in 2024 -:

In today’s rising inflation, everyone is thinking about extra income and the best solution for this is their own business because in today’s time, due to limited income, it is almost impossible to bear the increasing expenses day and night.

In such a situation, you can earn good income by doing some small business. Before doing any business, you have to keep in mind that profit and loss happen in every business and it takes time to establish any business, no matter how small it is.

Today, there are many small business ideas in which you can start by investing Rs 1 lakh. Friends, if you are also thinking of starting a business, then today’s article can prove to be very beneficial for you.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about some best small business ideas in which you can easily start your own business by investing up to Rs 1 lakh. So let’s get started.

5 Best Small Business Ideas -:

Best 5 Small Business Ideas in 2024

  1. Breakfast Point Business -:

Friends! People are in a hurry to go to work early in the morning. In such a situation, they do not have time to prepare breakfast and in such a situation, these people mostly have breakfast outside the house. In such a situation, if you are thinking of starting your business then you can open a breakfast point.

If you know how to make breakfast items like paratha, sandwich, omelette, tea etc. then this is a good business idea for you. If we talk about expenses, it will cost at least Rs 1 lakh to start this business.

The more money you invest, the bigger your business will be. If you cannot invest much money, then you can start your business on a small scale.

Now we will talk about where to open a breakfast point? Open a breakfast point at a place where people come and go. You can open your breakfast point near the bus stand, metro station etc. If you want to start this work from home, then you can start work at home also.

  1. Juice Point Business -:

Friends, if you also want to work on small business ideas, then Juice Point is a good option for you. Everyone knows that there is a demand for fresh fruit juice in every season. Nowadays, packet juice is also sold in the market, but it has not been able to replace fresh fruit juice.

Drinking juice is beneficial for health. You can start this business at low cost. Before opening a juice point, it is very important to keep in mind where you are opening your juice point.

The sale of your juice depends on the location of your juice point. Hospitals, gyms, coaching centres, schools, parks etc. are suitable places to open juice points. You can open your juice point near these places.

To run your business well, you have to take care of the quality of the juice. Always make juice from fresh fruits only. When people like the juice of your place, your customers will also increase and your income will also increase.

  1. Sewing work Business -:

The work of getting clothes stitched has been done for centuries, is happening even today and will happen in future also. In such a situation, if you know how to sew clothes then you can start sewing work.

If you like this work, but you do not know how to sew clothes. So you can do a course to learn tailoring for a few months. Once you learn how to sew good clothes, you can start your work.

There is less cost in starting this work. If you want to start this work on a medium level, then you can start this work by purchasing four-five sewing machines. For this you will need some people who know how to sew. You can start this work in a small room with four-five people.

If you do not have enough money to buy so many sewing machines, then you can also start this work with a single sewing machine. As your earnings start increasing, you should now expand your business.

  1. Blogging -:

In the present time, social media has provided a platform to everyone to showcase their talent. Now you can show your talent to the whole world sitting at home. If you have good knowledge of any subject and you want to convey that information to people.

So you can spread this information to the world by writing a blog. To start writing blocks you need to have a mobile phone or computer. Along with this, there should also be a good internet connection. To start a blog, you will have to create your own website, on which you will publish the blogs written by you.

The better your content, the more the number of people reading your blog will increase. As the number of your readers increases, your earnings will also increase accordingly. Within a few months of starting a blog, you will start earning good income.

When the number of your readers increases, you will start receiving many types of advertisements. These advertisements will increase your earnings. Presently many people are earning lakhs of rupees per month by writing blogs sitting at home.

  1. Cooking Classes -:

Friends! Who doesn’t like good food? Everyone likes to eat delicious food. There are some people who like to cook delicious food. If no one cooks delicious food then how will we get to eat delicious food? If you know how to cook well. You know how to make new dishes. So you can use this quality of yours to earn money.

If you want to earn money then you can start cooking classes. Cooking classes cost less to start. You can start this work both online and offline. The cost of starting this work online is negligible.

Nowadays many people run their cooking classes through online YouTube channels. If you want, you can also start this work by creating your own channel on YouTube. Aao can teach cooking to many people through her channel. This is a good business idea in today’s times.

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FAQs -:

Q. Which is the best small business?

Ans -: Bread making, envelope making, chowk making, canteen and general merchant shop etc. come under small business and the best thing about this business is that you can start it from home, for this you do not have to go out anywhere.

Q. What are the solutions for doing side business?

Ans -: In today’s time, everyone wants to start a side business apart from their main work. So that they can make good savings for the future, if you want to decide then you can give your land on rent. You can invest money in mutual funds. Apart from all this, you can earn a good side income by giving yoga, music, computer and tuition classes and making YouTube videos etc. in part time.

Q. Which business should I do in 2024?

Ans -: As you see, today’s era is a modern era. Where every work is computer based or we can say that everything has been digitalized. In this sense, you can do business in digital marketing, virtual assistant, web designing, blogging, online coaching and e-commerce in the year 2024.

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