Best 5 Business Ideas in 2024: Start this business by investing less money in 2024, you will start earning money very soon

Best 5 Business Ideas in 2024 -:

Some people did not succumb to the circumstances and started a new startup and they were successful in it today many people are thinking of leaving their good jobs and trying their hand at business.

Because they have understood that the job is there today, maybe not tomorrow but their business will always be with them.

However, it is a different matter that there are ups and downs in business also. But some businesses are evergreen and whatever may be the time and circumstances, their demand always remains in the market.

If you also want to start a similar evergreen and big business, then today’s article can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Because in today’s article, we are going to tell you about some of the best business ideas, by investing in which you can easily start a big business of your own.

Top 5 Best Business Ideas in 2024 -:

So let’s start with some of the best business ideas by investing in which you can easily start a big business of your own:

Best 5 Business Ideas in 2024

  1. Tshirt Printing Business -:

In this list of best business ideas, today we will first talk about the most trading business, T-shirt printing. You must have seen many times that many people are wearing the same T-shirt.

You must have seen this thing in many places. College children wear the same T-shirt with their name written on the back, if any program organized by a company is going on then the top of that company is seen in the same T-shirt and on which the company’s name is written on the back. The name is printed.

You must be wondering how this happens. These t-shirts are called customized t-shirts. Nowadays this business is very popular. This business is seen more in big cities. But now this business has started becoming famous even in small cities.

How to Start a T-shirt Printing Business?

You can also start T-shirt printing work from your home. If you want, you can also start this work by taking a shop. To start this business you have to buy a t-shirt printing machine. You might be wondering where the t-shirts to be printed will come from.

Actually, it happens in this business that many customers themselves give you their t-shirts to print. In this, you have to print his favorite design on his T-shirt. Many times it happens that you get an order to print a lot of T-shirts.

In which you are not given any t-shirt. You have to buy T-shirts, print them and deliver them to the customer. In such a situation, you have to contact T-shirt manufacturing companies or traders selling T-shirts.

Advantages -:

Earning in this business is very good. Once you have opened your shop and also purchased the printing machine. After that you do not have to invest much money and only profit is earned.

As your income starts increasing, you can expand your business further. The cost of printing a T-shirt ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 200. Now you can think for yourself that the earnings in this business are good.

  1. Goat Farming Business -:

Goat farming is the best option among the best business ideas because we all know that along with agriculture, animal husbandry is also done on a large scale in our country about 25% of people in our country rear animals.

The rearing of goats is also very common here. Many people rear goats to get milk. Some people rear goats to supply meat. Let us tell you that goat milk cures many diseases. In hilly areas, goats are also used to carry small goods. In today’s time, goat farming is a good business from the point of view of earning money.

How to Start a Goat Farming Business?

Friends! Goat rearing is mostly done by farmers. If you want to start a goat farming business, then you have to keep two to three things in mind which breed of goats to buy, what is the price of goats, and whether you have space to keep so many goats or not.

The price of goats also varies according to different areas. Elders say that before starting any work, one should plan for that work. Write down the money needed to start and the estimated income you will receive.

In goat rearing, there will be expenses for feeding the goats, give details of that also. By doing this, a rough structure of your expenses will be ready. Now you will have an idea of how much it will cost you.

Advantages of goat farming business -:

The cost of starting this business is low and the profits are good. This business is also very less. You just have to take care of the health of the goats, for this vaccination of goats is necessary.

Goats get sick less than other animals. Goats have a very good immune system. Due to this the mortality rate of goats also reduces.

There is less expense in feeding goats also. If there is an open pasture somewhere near your house, then you can take your goats there for grazing.

If you have started the business of goat rearing for meat production, your earnings will be very high. Goat meat is in great demand in the market. Goat meat is much more expensive than chicken.

Even if you have started the business of goat rearing for milk production, you will benefit greatly. 3 percent of the milk produced in our country is obtained from goats.

  1. Bakery Business -:

Friends, all of you must have seen a bakery near your house or in the market. Many times pastries and cakes may also have been brought from the bakery. You must have noticed that apart from pastries and cakes, bakeries also have biscuits, chocolates, breads, etc. Has the thought of starting a bakery business ever come to your mind?

If this thought has not come to you yet, let it come now. In today’s time, there is a trend of cutting cake on every happy occasion. A bakery business is a good business idea keeping in mind today’s times. Other important things related to this business are explained further.

Types of Bakery -:

Friends, there are different types of bakeries. Keeping these types in mind, you can choose the right place for your bakery shop. mainly from bakery

There are following three types -:

  • Home Bakery: If you want, you can start a home bakery from your home or you can open a home bakery by renting a cheap shop. Home Bakery is a good option for those who do not have much knowledge of this business. This option is also good for those who have less money to invest.
  • Bakery Cafe: As the name suggests, it is like a cafe. There is a seating facility for customers here. Apart from cakes and pastries, other food items are also offered on the menu of this bakery. A lot of money is required to start this bakery. If you can invest more money, then this is a good option for you.
  • Delivery Kitchen: The main objective of this bakery is to deliver its products to the customers’ homes. You can open a delivery kitchen wherever you want.

Where to open?

Location matters a lot for opening a bakery shop. If the location of your shop is not at the right place then your shop will not have good sales. You should open your bakery in a place where there is a lot of crowd of people. You can open your own bakery shop by renting a shop in the local market of your area.

  1. Wedding Planner Business -:

Marriage is a very special and memorable moment in everyone’s life. Everyone wants this moment of his life to be very happy. There should be no shortage. We must have often seen the house where the marriage takes place.

The people of that house are so busy welcoming the guests, making food menu, decoration, etc. that they are not able to enjoy the wedding. Nowadays, the wedding planner takes all the responsibility of the wedding ceremony on his shoulders and leaves the family members free to enjoy the wedding.

What is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is the person who makes all the plans for the wedding, how the ceremony will be conducted, which flowers will be used in the decoration, what the food menu will be like, which songs will be played on the DJ, etc. All the responsibilities are of the wedding planner. Is. The wedding planner prepares the wedding plan after asking the wishes of the people.

Qualifications required to become a wedding planner:

To become a wedding planner, it is very important that you have done a course in event management. Also, you should have the quality of creativity. This business is not for those who do not have creativity.

Apart from this, you can work with a good wedding planner for some time before starting your business. This will give you experience which will be useful to you in your business.

How to start a Wedding Planner Business?

To start a wedding planner business, you need to do the following:

  • Selection of place: Starting any business requires a place where you can open your office. You should open your office at a place where there are shops like wedding card printing, tent houses, etc. nearby. If you want, you can open your office at home also.
  • Team: This business is not a one-person job. The rule of going it alone does not apply in this business. The success of this business depends on teamwork. You will need a good team for your business. The better your team is, the better your work will be.
  • Necessary Paperwork: To start working as a wedding planner, some legal paperwork also has to be done. Like – GST registration, registering shop name, trade license, etc.
  1. Patanjali Franchise Business -:

Do you know that if you have a dealership of any brand, then you can earn good money by wholesaling the goods of that brand? If you are thinking of taking a franchise of any brand then you can take the Patanjali franchise.

Patanjali’s products are being liked very much by the people. In just a few years, Patanjali has become a well-known brand in India. If you take the Patanjali franchise, you will not have to fear whether your business will run or not.

How to take Patanjali online franchise?

Do you know that you can also take the Patanjali franchise online? Yes, it is possible. To take Patanjali’s online franchise, you will have to fill out the form and mail it to Patanjali’s official mail ID [email protected].

After which the head office of Patanjali will look at your form, if they find all the information correct, then you will get the franchise of Patanjali.

How much space do you need?

To take the Patanjali franchise, you must have at least 350 square feet of space. Not only this, the population of the area where your shop is located should be at least one lakh. If you fulfill both these conditions then you can take the Patanjali franchise.

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FAQs -:

Q. Which is a good business with low investment?

Ans -: If you want to do a good business with less investment, then you can start the business as a general merchant, paan shop, tailoring, catering, canteen tiffin service, and food truck. In this, you have to reduce investment but you need to work hard and plan well, only then you can take this business forward.

Q. Which is the best business in the village?

Ans -: Because good places are available in villages at lower prices than cities. In this context, poultry farms, cold storage, dairy businesses, fertilizer and seed stores, organic farming, and livestock farming, and apart from all this, animal husbandry businesses can also be done in villages.

Q. How to do business without capital?

Ans -: Friends, no matter what the business is, everyone has to make some investment, but in today’s time there are some businesses that do not require any investment to start.

Q. Which is the best business idea?

Ans -: All the ideas given above come under best business ideas. You can choose any one of these, but yes, keep in mind that you invest your money in a big business only after thinking very carefully and having knowledge about the market.
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