Article 370 Box Office Collection Day 15: ‘Article 370’ standing strong at the box office, earning in crores on Friday also!

Article 370 Box Office Collection Day 15: For cinema lovers, more than one film has been released in theaters these days. Before Kiran Rao’s Missing Ladies hit the screens, Yami Gautam’s Article 370 made a splash at the box office. The film is still holding firm at the ticket window. Two weeks have passed since the movie was released and now the third week has started.

The third week of the release of Yami Gautam starrer film ‘Article 370’ has started. Till now, the film has maintained a strong hold at the box office while giving a message to the people as well as entertaining them. This is a political drama film, which is still drawing people to theatres. ‘Article 370’ has earned more than its budget by making strong collections in the domestic market.

Article 370 Box Office Collection Day 15: ‘Article 370’ made its mark

‘Article 370’ had a slow start at the box office. But later the film strengthened its hold. ‘Article 370’ has shown the people the reality of removal of Article 370 surrounded by political decision by making strong collections in the domestic market. Meanwhile, Kiran Rao’s ‘Lapata Ladies’ was also released. This movie was also getting buzz, but Article 370 has succeeded in giving competition to this movie.

Article 370 Box Office Collection Day 15: This much collection was done on Friday

This film of Yami Gautam is earning crores of rupees every day. There are ups and downs in the collection of the film. There was a jump in the film’s collection on Thursday as compared to Wednesday. At the same time, once again a decline in earnings was seen on Friday. According to the report of Sacknilk, ‘Article 370’ has collected Rs 1.65 crore in the third week of its release on Friday. With this, the total domestic business of the film has become 59.55 crores.

Box office collection of ‘Article 370’ – Article 370 Box Office Collection

First day – 5.9 crores

Second day- 7.4 crores

Third day- 9.6 crores

Fourth day- 3.25 crores

Day 5 – 3.3 crores

Sixth day – 3.15 crores

Seventh day- 3 crores

Week 1- 35.6 crores

Eighth day- 3 crores

Tenth day- 5.5 crores

Eleventh day- 6.75 crores

Day 1 – 1.75 crores

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Thirteenth day- 1.7 crores

Fourteenth day- 1.85 crores

15th day- 1.65 crores

Total- 59.55 crores

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