Are you looking for a release date for Solo Leveling Season 2, or are you wondering if this anime will even get a new season?

We will fill you in on everything you need to know about Solo Leveling Season 2 in 2021 in this article. You will also learn when you may be able to watch the long-awaited new season.

The next chapter of Solo Leveling won’t release as of now, Let’s look at the current updates. We are not sure whether the next chapter will release on Thursday or not. We will keep you updated as long as we get the news about Solo Leveling Season 2 next Chapter release date. Let’s dive into the latest battle of Sung Jinwoo and Thomas, From the recent updates, Sung Jinwoo has just collided with Dong-Su.

Sung Jinwoo has managed to locate Jinhoo after using Shadow Exchange, When he arrives at the scene he finds that Dong-Su is torturing Jinhoo, Sung Jinwoo landed a blow that sends Dong-Su flying. He gave Jinho a healing portion, but it was not working since HP is less than 10%. He made 3 attempts. and they both fail. Sung Jinwoo asks Dong-Su’s men to heal Jinhoo. They comment that they cannot speak Korean.

Sung Jinwoo gets furious and asks them if there is anyone who is a healer, They look at each other, and Dong-Su comeback. Dong-Su speaks with his man that Sung Jinwoo wants them to heal Jinhoo. Dong-Su realizes that it is not the first time he is meeting with Sung Jinwoo told them that he is giving them a final warning they must heal Jinhoo now.

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Sellner reveals that the vision she had earlier became a reality a few days ago Sung Jinwoo wonders if the vision was about Christopher, Sellner replies Yes, and they warned Mister Reid, but he was too confident that nothing can touch him since he is the National Level Rank Hunter. Sung Jinwoo asks Sellner if she knows how things ran out, and Sellner reveals that powerful Hunters who have been protecting their work will continue to die.

The Seven Star Hunter has appeared during the meeting and questions about Sung Jinwoo’s connection with the monsters. Chief explained everything, and the conference ended. After the conference, the hunters left the building while Mr. White and Sung Jinwoo talks about Seven Star Hunter.

Later, Sung Jinwoo gets into a room where Selner and her bodyguards are waiting for him. She greeted him and told him that it had been a while. Sung was not looking at her, and when he looks at her, he realizes that it is the upgraded Norma Selner. He wonders what Selner wants from him.

Solo Levelling Season 2 Chapter 169 will be released on 30 September 2021. Jin Ho’s father asks Sung Jinwoo if he needs anything since he owes him. Sung Jinwoo said there is nothing he needs, but Jin Ho’s father will have to care for his mother and sister if anything happens. Later a Colossal Gate appeared in Shangai, China A Chairman saw an army of Berserk Dragons emerged out beyond touched his forehead. The world war will begin soon in Solo Levelling Season 2.

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He realizes that he was taking Sung Jinwoo for granted ad decided to take him seriously. Sung Jinwoo landed below that surprised Thomas, who started to think about his past. Thomas realizes that he worked hard to become who he is today. In his past, he used to smashed everyone who messed up with him. But today, It is a different case, and everyone used to fear and surrender in front of him. Those who challenged him paid with their lives, but Sung Jinwoo is different from those he faced in the past.

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Thomas unleashed his monstrous form and became an immortal soldier. During the battle, It has been revealed that Thomas is one of those five who survived and borrowed the Rulers powers. He started to destroy everything around him, and Sung Jinwoo realizes that things are getting worse.

Thomas unleashed a powerful move called Capture that almost hit Sung Jinwoo. The Rulers Authority has also arrived, trying to stop the fierce battle between the two. Sung Jinwoo manages to land safely on top of the building, but he is also about to unleash his true powers, Thomas comments that he will finish Sung with his next blow. The battle continues when the next chapter releases next week.


The main cast of season 2 will be Sung Jin-Woo as the main lead. Cha Hae-in, the popular female hunter and Yoo assistant of Sung also, we can see so many characters pop out in the new season. Moreover, we might expect to see some new faces as the plot progress. However, the voice cast of Solo Levelling season 2 has not been disclosed yet.

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The leader reminds Sang Jinwoo that he has not won the battle yet since he is not the only one chasing after him. He reveals about the three Gates that the Monarch of Transifigaration, Yogumunt, has prepared them. The leader adds that using those three Gates, he can summon many allies quickly and destroy Sung Jinwoo’s plan. He told Sung Jinwoo that his strategy was the cause of his death. Sung Jinwoo smiles and cancels all of his Summon. The Leader wonders if Sung Jinwoo has given up since he called his Summon.

He reminds Sing Jinwoo about the difference between their powers, and he is not surprised that Sung Jinwoo is giving up. But Sung Jinwoo surprised him when he used the worts enemy of Dragon Race, Kamishi’s Rune Stone. the Rune Stone gives Sung Jinwoo a new appearance and kills all the Demonic Beats around his area. The Rune Stone can destroy everything around whether they are allies or foes, which is why Sung jinwoo canceled his Summon before unleashing it.

The leader wonders if Sing Jinwoo has managed to also stop the Monarch of Transfiguration, Yogumunt. After killing all the Demonic Beats, he took the leader to another dimension to have a one-on-one. The leader finds that they have arrived in the opposite world from where his army s. He realizes that he has to survive until his army finds him, but Sung Jinwoo might run out of power. He also saw Sun Jinwoo’s castle, and Sung Jinwoo reveals that the castle is perfect for commemorating the leader’s death.

Well, It is not unknown now that Japan is adapting stories with amazing potentials from manhwa and webtoon. Like “Tower of God” and “God of High School”. Both of them are produced by Crunchyroll. An anime series on Solo Leveling does not seem too far away now.

With the rising popularity, an anime adaption is expected very soon. Hope we will get to hear an announcement of its anime adaption real soon. A petition on Adapting Solo Leveling into an anime exists and there are already 140K signs on the petition. Hel it reaches 150k Here.

I heard a lot of good stuff about it, so it will be interesting to see how good it will be. But if you can’t wait any longer, and you want to learn what happens next after the anime in the story, read the light novel.

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