Are you looking for a release date for SK8 The Infinity Season 2, or are you wondering if this anime will even get a new season?

We will fill you in on everything you need to know about SK8’s The Infinity Season 2 in 2021 in this article. You will also learn when you may be able to watch the long-awaited new season.

SK8 The Infinity is an original Japanese animated television series and also has a manga comic adaption, written by Kazuto Kojima, launched on the 5th of March in 2021. This series currently has a single season, consisting of 12 episodes. This series was aired on the 10th of January, in 2021, and the finale of the season was aired on the 4th of April, in the same year.

The series is about skateboarding and it also depicts the subculture around the action sport in Okinawa. Besides its relatable characters and stunning skateboard sequences, the show attracted many fans with astonishing skateboard sequences.

The genre of sports in anime comes with a great demand that there are not many titles that are centered on sports. Animes that are about sports show their viewers, especially children, how sports play a main role in one’s development yielding results of a healthier lifestyle and perseverance in making oneself better.

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SK8 the Infinity is in no doubt a sports anime considering that the highlight of the series is skateboarding and how the characters are connected because of the said sport. It also depicts how players can sometimes be frustrated like Reki or too determined to the point they lose sight of their passion in the sport like Adam.

SK8 The Infinity hits close to home as sports are fundamentally one of the best ways to educate people in following their passion in sports and how sports instill values of determination, preserving, and discipline in oneself which is extremely important in character building.

There would be a second season for SK8 the Infinity but the possibility of having another season is highly likely as the anime series have staggering high ratings and the fans and viewers are clamoring for more to the skateboarding anime series.

SK8 The Infinity Season 2 Is Renewedor Canceled?

If to be given another season, there is still a lot of source material for the anime series considering that it was released first before the manga series. Because of this, there sure is more to the story than what has been already released in the anime series. Not only that but there also exists a spin-off sequel which means that the anime series has so much content to pull from and translate it to the screens via the anime series.

However, It is too early to ask for a renewal from the production company. It is an original anime series that does not follow any source material. Therefore, the creators will take their time to analyze its performance. So, it might take a few months for them to announce the fate of SK8 The Infinity Season 2.

SK8 The Infinity definitely started with a blast. It touched upon every sphere of great television series be it fun and chilling adventures. The whole series was like being on a roller coaster ride that keeps going up! The main idea that was deeply loved and enjoyed by the audience had to be Reki and Langa’s blooming friendship. They would balance each other. Reki’s compassion and diligence automatically complemented Langa’s stubborn personality.

The makers of the series made Reki an extremely likable and relatable character. It took him so much time to be his best at the sport of skateboarding which seemed extremely real. It was absolutely delightful to see Reki break all barriers and be as good as his powerful opponent, Adam. The episode ends with Reki, Cherry, Joe, and the other members of the skateboarding group going out to celebrate Langa’s victory on the Dope Sketch rooftop.

According to some reports, Studio Bones faced a lot of problems while producing the debut season of the anime. One of the best creators and some amazing freelancers worked on this project. However, even the talented guys need proper time to complete the job. The team working on this show was too small for the size of the production.

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As a result, the studio soon realized that they wouldn’t be able to meet the deadline to release SK8 The Infinity. Hence the makers were forced to complete the remaining episodes by taking help from their subsidiaries in panic. Studio Bones is one of the huge animation studios, but it seems like the pandemic has affected them as well.

Recently, In January this year, the franchise announced a new spin-off comedy manga series that began its serialization form January 11, 2021. All the new chapters of the series come out on Young Ace Up manga’s website.

On the other hand, the creators also announced a manga adaption of SK8’s The Infinity anime series. auto Kojima is serving as its author. BookLive, an ebook store, began its serialization on March 5, 2021. It is a typical Shounen manga series that is receiving an amazing response from the readers so far.

In March 2021, manga artist Kazuto Kojima started an SK8 The Infinity manga adaption that will retell the story of the anime TV series. It’s releasing through BookLive! eBook store. A comedic spin-off, SK8 Chili Out! by artist Toriyasu started releasing in January 2021. The spin-off is being published on Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace up manga website.

Studio Bones is renowned for shows like MobPsycho 100. My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist, and many more. It is also one of the biggest and busiest animation studios in Japan. The company is divided into five small groups that work on their own projects. Currently, the studio is airing, My Hero Academia season 5 and Godzilla Singular point.

One of their other series, titled The Case Study of Vanitas, is due to premiere in July this year. Aside, from those, the studio has several movies in its bad as well/ My Hero Academia: World’s Mission and Eureka Seven are two of them. So It is like Bones Studio won’t pick up any other show for quite some time as they certainly don’t go to repeat the blunder.

There is no official announcement about the show’s renewal yet. If the creators of this anime web series decide to renew the show within the next year. We can expect the second season of SK8 The Infinity to be released by the end of 2022 or early 2023. In the meantime, we are waiting for official statements from the creators of the anime.

It is expected that if there would be a season two, the episode count will still be the same which is 12 episodes, but the doors are not entirely boxed on the said number of episodes and it can even have more than 12 episodes.

The 12 episodes of the anime TV series will be released as six SK8 The Infinity Blu-ray/DVD volumes. In Japan, Volume 1 release on March 24, 2021, Volume 2 on April 28, 2021, Volume 3 on May 26, 2021, Volume 4 on June 23, 2021, Volume 5 on July 28, 2021, and Volume 6 on August 25, 2021.

SK8 the Infinity is a new anime about a cast of skaters in an underground skateboarding club. The cast & crew of SK8 the Infinity includes some familiar faces for anime fans:

  • Matt Shipman voiced by Reki Kyan
  • Howard Wang voiced by Langa Hasegawa
  • Adam voiced by David Wald
  • Tadashi voiced by Brandon Johnson
  • Joe voiced by Jonah Scott

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SK8 The Infinity Season 2 What to expect in the upcoming season?

In the upcoming season, it’s expected that Reki, Langa, and others might travel to Tokyo to take on the skaters there. Besides this, Reki might learn snowboarding from Langa while other players are becoming prodigious skaters. As the anime series is released before the manga series, the show’s possibilities to extend its terms are a lot.

Anyway, for now, we could only speculate about what would happen in the next season. If there be any information about the series, we’re here to help you with all the updates.

So while there is no trailer for season two. I’m going to share the official trailer & teaser for the upcoming project that is sure to get you hyped up for what’s to come. Check it out down below!

You can watch the upcoming season of ‘SK8 The Infinity on online platforms, which streamed the first season of the show like Funimation, JustWatch, and AnimeLab. So those who have not caught up with the show can watch it there.

The first season of SK8 The Infinity was licensed by Aniplex of America and Manga Entertainment and was streaming with English subtitles on FUNimation. Now in the USA, UK, and Ireland, Madman Anime Group licensed it for Australia and New Zealand and was streaming via AnimeLab.

I heard a lot of good stuff about it, so it will be interesting to see how good it will be. But if you can’t wait any longer, and you want to learn what happens next after the anime in the story, read the light novel.

I hope this article was helpful. Also, feel free to share it around.

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