SK8 The Infinity Season 2 is an original Japanese anime from Studio Bones. It aired 12 episodes in Japan from Jan 10, 2021, to Apr 4, 2021. SK8 The Infinity is well-loved by anime fans. It received an outstanding 8.04 rating on MyAnimeList and ranks #413 in terms of popularity. Meanwhile, on IMBD the series had received a rating of 8.2, which is based on user feedback.

Lovers of sports anime found a new obsession through the skateboarding animated series SK8 The Infinity.

Sk8 The Infinity is a 12-episode TV anime that started back on 10th January 2021 and ran on TVs till April 4, 2021. This makes it a part of the Winter 2021 catalog. Being an anime original, this series has no source material to take inspiration from. So the only source for this show is nothing but the mind of Ichirou Ookouchi, the skills of Utsumi Hiroko, and the expertise of Studio Bones.

Season 1 ended with the characters heading for a bigger competition. Let us find out what the future holds for this sports anime. Here is everything we know about SK8 The Infinity Season 2.

SK8 The Infinity Season 2 Confirmed

Season 1 of SK8 The Infinity was a surprising delight to anime fans with its stunning visuals, compelling plot, and thrilling skateboarding scenes. The incredible audience reception made it easier to assume that the anime will receive another season.

You see, On July 4, 2021, it was confirmed that a new installment for Sk8 The Infinity is in production via Twitter. The Tweet said, New animation project begins. Due to receiving a lot of love from everyone, the decision has been made to start Sk8’s new project!!

SK8 The Infinity Season 2 Release Date

We do have an official announcement but it isn’t necessarily about season 2. There are also speculations that the new project will be a movie. A teaser for the upcoming project was already released. But, it does not tell us whether it is season 2 or a movie. It might come around late 2022 and early 2023. We will have to wait for more updates to find out what the new project is all about. 

SK8 The Infinity Season 2 Characters

We expect the lead voice cast to return if there will be a second season of SK8 The Infinity Which includes My Hero Academia‘s Tasuku Hatanaka as Reki, Chiaki Kobayashi as Langa, Chiaki Kobayashi as Miya, Yasunori Matsumoto as Joe, and ‘One-Punch Man’ voice actor Hikaru Midorikawa Cherry Blossom.

SK8 The Infinity Season 2 Expected Plot

The first season ended with Langa winning the tournament after beating Adams. He also left him with a valuable lesson about the purpose of skating. Langa celebrated with his friends. Meanwhile, Shadow is broken-hearted after discovering that the florist he likes is dating someone else. In the post-credits scene, Tadashi revealed to Adams that he did not sell him out, but he now has to act like his dog.

If season 2 picks up on this ending, we expect Langa and his friends to go to Tokyo and participate in the S Downhill Skating competition. Langa will have to prove his skating skills against level-up competitors. 

Is SK8 The Infinity Over?

First up is the ending. If an anime has a definite conclusion then the second season won’t have an opening to start from. In other words, the show signaled an end to the series. But if the anime has a conclusion that can be stretched forward then the chances for a sequel increase.

So what’s the case with Sk8? Well, lucky for us, it’s the latter. If you remember correctly, the series ended with Langa winning against ADAM and putting an end to S. Langa was placed as the best skater as he won the tournament and we went to post-credit scenes.

There, we saw Koyomi starting her skating practice and finally, Langa and Reki against one another. They both ask each other to give their best in this final race! Now this “Final Race” might just be an exclamation and they don’t mean it literally.

So we can say that the ending was open enough to be used for the next season. From this point, we can see our gang traveling to new places and racing there. So we can say that the ending of Sk8 the infinity was good enough to be used for the next season.

SK8 The Infinity Season 1 Ending Explained

Season one concluded on an extraordinary note. Adam and Langa’s feud begins on S’s original and riskier path. Langa enters a mental state where he is unable to concentrate on anything other than skating as a result of Adam’s coercion.

When he falls, he acknowledges that Reki has written “fun” on his deck, which reminds him of how much enjoyable skating is. Langa assists Adam in realizing the fun of skating, and he wins the race as a result.

Following that, the gathering commemorates Langa’s victory, while Adam is released from custody after providing authorities with knowledge about his accomplice. As part of their earlier promise, Reki and Langa race at S.

Is there any Trailer Yet?

Not yet. As mentioned, we still don’t know if the new project announced is the new season of the anime. But if it is, we might see the trailer next year, 2023. 

Sales & Merchandise

let’s just say that the sales Good were on Sk8 The Infinity Blu-Ray, side this time. The series managed to sell 7000+ copies for volume 1, which is incredible! Why is it incredible? Well, that’s because SK8 the Infinity (Simuldub) 7000 in Blu-ray sales is insane. In a generation when streaming holds the maximum amount of viewership, 7000 is a massive number.

Due to the popularity of the series, there is a lot of SK8 The Infinity merchandise available in and around the world.

Some of the figures are beautiful, like this SK8 the Infinity Brooch S Badge, and Keychain Phone Holder Necklace, figure. Also, check out this Miya Chinen Cosplay Skateboard one since it looks the best.

There are plenty of SK8 The Infinity Hoodies and even cool stuff like this Canvas Poster Wall Art Decor.

Where to Watch Online?

You can watch the upcoming season 2 of online platforms, which streamed the first season of the show like Funimation, JustWatch, and AnimeLab. So those who have not caught up with the show can watch it there.

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