SK8 The Infinity Season 2 is an original Japanese anime from Studio Bones. It aired 12 episodes in Japan from Jan 10, 2021, to Apr 4, 2021. SK8 The Infinity is well-loved by anime fans. It received an outstanding 8.04 rating on MyAnimeList and ranks #413 in terms of popularity.

Meanwhile, on IMBD the series received a rating of 8.2. On August 14, 2022, the format of the new SK8 anime was announced. An SK8 Season 2 trailer revealed that the SK8 OVA episode is also coming out. The main staff will be returning to create SK8 the Infinity Season 2.

Studio BONES is returning to handle the production, along with the staff from season 1. This includes Hiroko Utsumi as the director, Ichirou Ookouchi as the series composer, and Michinori Chiba as the character designer.

SK8 The Infinity Season 2 Announcement

The update comes from the show’s production team itself as SK8 the Infinity season two was announced on social media. The official page for the anime confirmed a new season was given the go-ahead at Studio Bones.

And to sweeten the deal, SK8 the Infinity is getting an OVA as well. The anime’s main staff from season one will return to oversee these new projects. So if you have missed the skateboarding anime, it will be back before much longer.

For those unfamiliar with SK8 the Infinity, the series debuted in January 2021 as an original story under Studio Bones. The sports anime went on to become a huge hit with fans and prompted two manga spin-offs to hit shelves. Fans have expected a season two since SK8 the Infinity wrapped its first season, but no word was ever given by studio executives until now.

SK8 The Infinity Season 2 Release Date

While we still don’t have an official release date for SK8 the Infinity Season 2 or its OVA, we will surely hear something soon. When the info does come out, we will be sure to keep you updated accordingly.

There are also speculations that the new project will be a movie. A teaser for the upcoming project was already released. But, it does not tell us whether it is season 2 or a movie. It might come in early 2023. We will have to wait for more updates to find out what the new project is all about. 

SK8 The Infinity Season 1 Ending Explained (Review)

Season one concluded on an extraordinary note. Adam and Langa’s feud begins on S’s original and riskier path. Langa enters a mental state where he is unable to concentrate on anything other than skating as a result of Adam’s coercion. When he falls, he acknowledges that Reki has written “fun” on his deck, which reminds him of how much enjoyable skating is.

Langa assists Adam in realizing the fun of skating, and he wins the race as a result. Following that, the gathering commemorates Langa’s victory, while Adam is released from custody after providing authorities with knowledge about his accomplice. As part of their earlier promise, Reki and Langa race at S.

Is there any Trailer Yet?

You can watch the announcement video below:

Where to Watch Online?

You can watch the upcoming season 2 on online platforms, which streamed the first season of the show like Funimation, JustWatch, and AnimeLab. So those who have not caught up with the show can watch it there.

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