Junjou Romantica is loved by thousands for the bold and relevant content it shows. It is one of the best romantic anime excellent shows so far that’s about love and a typical routine story of three young couples. The anime has a very classic kind of art that very well fits in with its rom-com themes. The best thing about it is its diverse characters and their relationships.

It has spawned multiple CD dramas, a manga story in Asuka Ciel, a light novel series in The Ruby magazine called Junai Romantica, and a 37-episode animation series.

Shungiku Nakamura wrote Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi (lit. “The World’s Greatest First Love”), a spin-off of Junjou Romantica about a shojo manga writer that his first love, that was also animated by Studio Deen in 2011.

The show has managed to grab everyone’s attention and has received appreciation from both viewers and critics. This anime serves in many ways, which is why fans want to see more of it, which is why they are desperate to know whether or not there will be season 4 of Junjou Romantica. Let’s find out. 

Will There Be Season 4 Of Junjou Romantica?

Viewers saw Season 3 in 2015 and have been waiting for more than five years now for the fourth installment to drop by. However, the Production Studio Deen has not announced anything official or even has given out details that tell us about the fourth season happening or not.

Junjou Romantica has received a lot of popularity, as shown by Google Trends, and it has a rating of 7.69 on MyAnimeList. However, if we analyze how this anime series has worked its way out, the time gap between the second and third seasons was seven long years. This fact is a little convincing and puts our hope back in season 4’s future existence. 

There are chances for season 4 to happen sometime in the fact that the manga series on which it is based is still running. This means that to conceive a brand new season, the makers would need material and sources, which look like, is available for good. The manga series has a total of 25 Volumes. Therefore, fans can chill a little and wait for the right time.

Junjou Romantica Season 4 Possible Release Date (Coming Soon)

Even though there isn’t any official confirmation or mention of Studio Deen giving a green signal for the fourth season, looking at the points we discussed above, we just cannot give up our hope entirely in it. It’s just that we may have to wait a bit longer for the renewal to happen, considering the previous season’s time management. Throwing our guess over it, we can expect season 4 to hit our screens (if at all there is a renewal) sometime in 2023 or 2024. 

What can we Expect in Season 4 of Junjou Romantica?

Since there has been no current information about the Junjou Romantica Season 4. There’s also no official summary yet either. Yet after the following three have been completed, the show’s creators take a long time to declare the fourth season. Perhaps they have their very own justifications, but we hope that eventually this year when the show’s creators come up and issue a comment about the series’s continuation, which the people have waited for a long period of time.

Junjou Romantica Season 4 Cast & Characters

Junjou Romantica’s story of same-gender love is wonderfully written by Shungiku Nakamura, the author of the original manga series starring. Character characterization and speech exchanges, on the other hand, bring the plot to life. The following are some of the characters who must reappear for Season 4 of Junjou Romantica:

  • Misaki Takahashi is played by the actor Takahiro Sakurai.
  • Akihiko Usami is played by Hikaru Hanada.
  • Haruhiko Usami is played by Kosuke Toriumi.
  • As Takahiro Takahashi, Kisho Taniyama is fantastic.
  • Keiichi Sumi is played by the star, Isshin Chiba.
  • Eri Aikawa is voiced by Noriko Namiki.
  • Fuyuhiko Usami is played by Jurota Kosugi.
  • Kaoruko Usami is played by Mizuki Nana.

Junjou Romantica Storyline

Junjou Romantica is a fantastic TV series with amazing graphics that are ideal for Romantic/Drama themes. A further interesting aspect of this television program is the representation of many people and their relationships. Fans must have enjoyed watching anime episodes that featured love among high schoolers, however, romance is depicted differently in Junjou Romantica. It highlights pleasant relatively similar relationships amongst the protagonists in the scenes. 

Misaki Takahashi, a high school student who aspires to be accepted to the top university, is the protagonist of Junjou Romantica. He chooses to take the support of his brother’s well-educated buddy, Akihiko Usami, in order to improve his probability of gaining into university.

He enrolls as his pupil, and during his first day at Akihiko’s house, he discovers that he is the author of some raunchy homosexual novels. When Akihiko physically contacts Misaki, Misaki builds affection for him before he understands it.

Throughout Season 3, Misaki and Akihiko were blissfully married. Even then, troubles arise when a rival approaches their lives, and Akihiko begins to be concerned about Misaki’s friendship with him.

Ryuuichirou Isaka, on the other hand, enjoys interfering in Misaki’s love life, although he has his own problems. He’s been seeing his assistant, Kaoru Asahina, for a few years, but Asahina prefers to maintain their personal and work lives apart, which frequently leads to disputes

Usami finally persuades Takahiro to let Misaki stay with him at the third season’s end, and Misaki actually admits to himself that he plans to stay with Usami. Misaki is humiliated when Usami informs him to check his BL collection, and the season finishes with Misaki and Usami having more love experiences with each other.

Junjou Romantica Season 4 Trailer

There is currently no trailer for season 4 or indeed any seasons on YouTube. Trailers and possibly the entire season are really only accessible on the streaming site.

Sales & Merchandise

In recent years, streaming revenue has replaced Blu-Ray/DVD sales as the biggest factor for financial success, but they’re still an indicator of how the Japanese perceive an anime series. The first season sold 5,200 copies in its first week in 2015, whereas the second season sold 2,663 disc volumes in 2019.

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Where to Watch Junjou Romantica Season 4?

Viewers can presently watch Junjou Romantica streaming on Hulu, Funimation Presently, Crunchyroll, VRV, or for free with commercials on Funimation Now, Crunchyroll, and VRV, as well as purchase it as a copy on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, and Amazon Video.

Frequently Ask Questions About Junjou Romantica Season 4 (FAQ)

  1. Will there be a Junjou Romantica season 4?

    Throwing our guess over it, we can expect season 4 to hit our screens (if at all there is a renewal) sometime in 2022.

  2. Is Junjou Romantica anime completed?

    If in English, the unfortunate truth is, yes, the Junjou Romantica manga is finished. At least, that is, its English language versions ended publication in May 2011 after American distributor and publisher TokyoPop initially closed after losing several licensing deals.

  3. How many seasons does Junjou Romantica have?

    Studio Deen has carried out the animated adaption of all three seasons of Junjou Romantica.

  4. How old are Usagi and Misaki?

    When the anime series first begins, Misaki is 18-years-old, and a senior in high school studying for his university entrance exams. Usagi-San (aka Akihiko Usami) is 28 years old and an already famous novelist who also writes Boys' Love light novels under a pen name.

  5. What age rating is Junjou Romantica?

    Arguably, one of these is obviously the sex. Now, if you are expecting something really raunchy in this anime, forget it. Remember, this anime is released under a 15-rating.

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