Yoshihiro Togashi’s radical storytelling and masterfully crafted action moments made the anime an unforgettable journey, one we thought that’ll never end. Unfortunately, the anime has been on a hiatus since 2014, and fans can’t help but ponder the thought of when they’ll get to see Hunter x Hunter: Season 7.

But the wait might finally be over as Yoshihiro made a Twitter account in May 2022, and the first tweet he posted was presumably a tease at panels for Hunter x Hunter: Season 7. The text accompanying the tweet translated to “4 more episodes for now,” so that’s pretty much an indirect confirmation. That’s been followed up by many more teases too, so here’s a brief rundown on when to expect in Hunter x Hunter: Season 7.

The easiest way to predict whether a show will continue airing is normally to look at its numbers. The likelihood of survival increases with ranking. The show has a respectable rating of 9.0/10 on IMDb, while it gets a 9.05 rating on MyAnimeList.

Is Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Returning Or Cancelled?

HxH has a large fan base that still hopes for a new season. Since the last arc showed substantial potential, the fans were left eagerly waiting for the latest season. Certainly, the seventh season would be an amazing hit due to its popularity. So, what’s stopping HxH from returning?

Firstly, Madhouse did a great job while producing HxH 2011. With a total of 148 episodes in a span of three years, Madhouse displayed one of the greatest anime projects of all time. However, the studio couldn’t continue with another season. Though Madhouse wanted to create Season 7, the lack of source material stopped them.

Secondly, most anime are depicted in manga, light novels, and games. Likely, HxH was depicted in Yoshihiro Togashi’s original work. Clearly, Togashi had an amazing run while creating the manga. Not only did he write 36 volumes (380+ chapters), but he also charmed the readers with each new chapter.

However, Togashi stopped writing any further manga chapters, ultimately leaving HxH on hiatus. Hence, Madhouse didn’t depict an additional season. As a matter of fact, the studio extremely desires to create Hunter x Hunter Season 7.

Why Did Yoshihiro Togashi Stop Writing The Manga?

The main reason for HxH’s hiatus was extreme pressure. Since Togashi sensei had created an exemplary piece, the expectations of the fandom rose exponentially. Owing to such pressure, Togashi felt diverted from his life and hence decided to pen down his work. However, he wishes to return after getting enough rest.

Nonetheless, some rumors stated that Togashi had a dispute with Shueisha over the Hunter x Hunter manga. According to the rumors, Shueisha wanted to offer another mangaka to draw HxH since Togashi’s drawings couldn’t fit the expectations. As a result, Togashi stopped writing and stated that he’ll be the only one to continue HxH.

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Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date

One of Yoshihiro’s tweets mentioned that there were 7 more episodes left to make. So after doing a bit of detective work, we’re speculating that you could finally see Hunter x Hunter: Season 7 air sometime in 2024.

Still, the release date for the next season does remain up in the air. Yoshihiro’s health isn’t always on the best terms as well, and that’s the main reason why the manga stops publication for years before returning. So, for now, it’s best to be happy knowing that something is definitely in the works.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Characters

Fans of the show expressed their sadness and despair at seeing it canceled, as well as frustration about its ending. This Mangaka’s statement promises little hope for fans that the series will be renewed, and he claims that the manga is not yet finished.

  • Issei Futamata as Narrator
  • Gon’s associate, Megumi Han
  • Christina Valenzuela as Killua Zoldyck
  • Mariya Ise Zoldyck
  • Erika Harlancher as Kurapika
  • Hisoka Morrow is played by Daisuke Namikawa.
  • Leorio Paladiknight is played by Mathew Mercer.
  • Hisoka Morrow is played by Ken Silverstein.

What Is Hunter x Hunter Season 7 About? (Spoiler Alert)

Hunter x Hunter Season 6 ended in Chapter 339 of the manga, which concluded the events of the Election Arc. That means next up is the Dark Continent Expedition arc.

This part of the story shows the Kakin Empire setting its sights on the Dark Continent in hopes of expansion. Kurapika on the other hand goes after a Kakin Prince to retrieve his clan’s Scarlet Eyes rumored to be in the Prince’s possession.

Which Studio Is Making Hunter x Hunter: Season 7?

The Hunter x Hunter reboot’s six seasons, which concluded in 2014, were all animated by Studio Madhouse. Due to the fact that the anime is regarded as one of the best ever produced, particularly for its incredible sound design and breathtaking visuals, we can be confident that Madhouse will also produce Hunter x Hunter: Season 7.

Even if the anime’s plot was occasionally disjointed, Madhouse ultimately did a fantastic job, and maybe the sequel will take the same course.

Why Has HXH Season 7 Been Delayed?

The current dearth of manga content is the primary factor behind Hunter X Hunter season 7’s delay. Madhouse doesn’t have enough completed stories to turn into a full season until Togashi can publish additional manga. In a May 2018 interview with Weekly Shonen Jump, Togashi was frank about the manga.

Togashi stated, “I need to complete writing ‘Hunter x Hunter,'” during this interview. It has reached the point where I either pass away before the story is finished, or the story ends before. However, I do aim to complete it. He has consistently indicated a desire to finish Hunter X Hunter.

Previous gaps were not a problem for Madhouse because there was already enough material available for the creation of new anime. The Hunter X Hunter manga then saw its longest break to date. This made it possible for anime to surpass manga. Fans questioned whether Madhouse would ever adapt any additional manga.

Togashi has stated that the upcoming arc (the Succession Contest Arc) will be even longer than the Chimera Ant arc, even though it is currently believed that he is working on the new Hunter X Hunter manga (which was the longest anime and manga arc of the series).

The seventh season of the anime could be delayed even further as Madhouse is reluctant to adapt an unfinished arc. Season 7’s postponement could also be due to Madhouse concentrating on their other projects (such as The Vampire Dies in No Time and Sonny Boy). But the main issue seems to be that Hunter X Hunter doesn’t have enough substance.

Is there any Trailer Yet?

There is no official Trailer. Madhouse could be releasing a trailer for the new season in 2023. I’m going to share the official trailer Set 7 that might help you to imagine something about season 7.

Where to watch Online??

Being an insanely popular anime, it’s no surprise that the entire Hunter x Hunter anime series is available to stream on almost every service. Anticipation for Season 7 is the same too, so we’re sure that the biggest platforms, like Crunchyroll and Funimation, will have it on day one.

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