Hero Mask Season 3 is a Japanese unique net liveliness (ONA) anime series created by Pierrot for Netflix. Hero Mask second season premieres in its entirety on 23rd august but what viewers may not be anticipating is that this is also the series’ conclusion.

While there is no plan for Hero Mask to return for Season 3, the team behind the series may be working with Netflix again in the future to either tell new stories or possibly create a Hero Mask sequel series following the ongoing adventures of Officer James Blood if he manages to solve the conspiracy that drives Hero Mask’s first two seasons.

Hero Mask creator Mikio Ono told Anime News Network that the series was planned from the start to be told over two seasons, or 24 episodes. The series currently has a 6.2 out of 10 IMDb rating, based on 480 user votes.

The second season of the anime premiered in 2019, and fans are still wondering if it will return in the future. Let us find out.

Will There Be Hero Mask Season 3?

Sadly, it is also going to be the final season of the animated series. There is no plan to come up with the third season. However, there is a chance for the team behind Hero Mask to return as they revealed that they are interested in working again with Netflix in the future.

“The hurdle is extremely high,” Ono tells Anime News Network about why it is hard for original animes to get a renewal. “particularly when it comes to getting funding at the end. You need a lot of luck like we had when Netflix came along.”

Apart from the lack of source material, the budget is also partly why it is hard to renew the anime for season 3. Hero Mask is more expensive to produce than most animes. It uses distinctly fast-paced editing, which requires animating more backgrounds for action sequences.

“If a veteran director were handling Hero Mask, they’d be well aware of the TV anime standard and would strive for more labor-saving methods,” producer Ono admits.

Although season 2 will be the final chapter of Hero Mask, we won’t be closing our doors to the possibility of seeing the anime again through a spinoff. The creators of the anime admit that they are interested in working again in the future.

“Personally speaking,” Ono says in the same interview. “I think that Netflix has a strong user base overseas, so it would be a good challenge to try working with them.

Hero Mask Season 3 Character & Cast

James Blood is the main character in the series. He is a passionate officer and works in the elite section of the Capitol Police Department’s SSC. Grimm, literally meaning “rising from the ashes”, attacks the police station where he works. He teams up with Sarah to search for the Truth.

It stars Sarah Sinclair, a female lead character. Monica Campbell is currently her Assistant Attorney. She was also a witness to Monica’s death as she investigated the case involving LIVE Corporation. Before Monica’s death, several crucial details are revealed about the case. James and the team up to uncover the huge controversy surrounding the LIVE Corporation, as well as the super-powered villain.

Theo Lowe is a key supporting character in the series. He is a criminal who held multiple doctors hostage at the hospital so her daughter could have a heart transplant. He is believed to be dead after his plan fails. He survives and is used as a test subject for experiments that involve the mysterious masks, which can give superpowers to those who wear them.

Theo escapes from the experiments and continues his search for his family. Edmond Chandler is the technical specialist and sergeant of SSC. Harry Creighton is a former detective who currently works as a LIVE Corporation mercenary. He is charged with finding super-powered masked people scattered throughout London.

Hero Mask Season 3 Expected Plot (Spoilers)

A supernatural element and action crime are present in Hero Mask. A fictional version of London is the setting for the series, and its main protagonists are William and Emily. James Blood is a hot-blooded police officer with the Special Service of Crime (SSC) division that falls under the Capitol Police Department’s jurisdiction.

James’ life has always been out of the ordinary, but after learning of the death of Superior Crown Prosecutor Monica Campbell, investigating a high-profile case involving the LIVE Corporation, things take an unexpected turn.

As if this were not enough, James was in for more surprises. James’ old enemy who is thought to be dead was attacking the police station where he works. Crown Prosecutor Campbell died shortly after this attack occurred.
James didn’t understand the causes of such upheaval nor the people behind it. Together, he and Sarah, the protagonist of our story, try to uncover the perpetrators of the strange events.
Despite this, the path to Truth is never smooth. They become involved with a conspiracy involving the Live Corporation in the course of uncovering the truth.
They have taken to wearing certain masks, which give their wearers supernatural abilities, as evidence that they have escaped from jail. More intriguing events will unfold if the show is renewed.

Is there any Trailer Yet?

No, the Trailer is yet to come out for the Season 3 as of now

Where to Watch Online?

You must be eager to see it again. If you want to watch Season 1 and Season 2, you may do so on Netflix.

Frequently Ask Questions About Season 3 (FAQ)

  1. Is there a season 3 of Hero Mask?

    Hero Mask Won't Return For Season 3 But There's A Very Good Reason For That.

  2. Is Hero Mask completed?

    Manga The manga Hero Mask: A lost memory was first serialized in Japan on July 7, 2020, with new chapters made every week. The serialization was completed on September 15, 2020.

  3. What happened to Harry in Hero Mask?

    Eye color. Harry Creighton is a former SSC detective who disappeared after his girlfriend, Eve Palmer, collapsed one day. He is currently working as a mercenary for the LIVE Corporation and is hunting down the masked individuals. It is strongly implied he committed suicide after the death of his girlfriend, Eve Palmer.

  4. Who is the mole in Hero Mask?

    James Blood is the main character of the Hero Mask anime.

  5. What is the mask anime called?

    Animegao kigurumi is a type of masked cosplay that has its origins in the official stage shows of various Japanese anime but has also been adapted by hobbyists.

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