Are you looking for a release date for Evangelion 4.0, or are you wondering if this anime will even get a new season?

We will fill you in on everything you need to know about Evangelion 4.0 in 2021 in this article. You will also learn when you may be able to watch the long-awaited new season.

Evangelion 4.0 or Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time is an upcoming Japanese sci-fiction animation film. Hideaki Anno is also the producer and screenplay writer for the film. The film is based on an anime series by Hideaki Anno-

Neon Genesis Evangelion. This anime series ran from 1995-1996. The upcoming movie will be the fourth and final movie in the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy. Being the final pack of the series, fans are expecting this to be the only date for the release with all timelines.

Shinji shifts to will, where Misato is the Area Commander. In addition, he is planning against NERV. We further see Rei rescue Shinji and takes him to NERV.

There he meets his father, Gendo, Moreover, Shinji’s father asks him to lead UNIT 13 with a plan of mass extinction. Along with Kaworu and Shinji’s mother, they prepare for the mission. The plot is action-packed and amazing.

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When will it release? Read to find out more details.!

Amazon is bringing the conclusion to the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series adaptations of the beloved anime Neon Genesis Evangelion created by Hideaki Anno to Prime Video on August 13. Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.01 Thrice Upon a Time came out in Japan in March but will be making its global premiere on Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories, Amazon says.

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The upcoming film’s announcement was made along with Evangelion 3.0 You can not Redo. With the latter film releasing in 2012, initially, the last movie was to release in 2015. But the 3rd film faced many production problems which lead to Anno’s depression and him claiming that he cannot work on the film.

After that, the film’s work officially started on 5th April 2017. Moreover, in May 2018, a job listing for animation staff to work on 3DCG, VFX, and 2D animation starting on 30 June 2018 was put out by the Studio. Also, On 6 July 2019 Khara screened the first 10 minutes of the film at the Japan Expo in Paris, Anime Expo in Los Angeles, and CCG Expo 2019 in Shanghai, Evangelion 4.0 is going to be a combination of all the last films.

Hideaki Anna officially confirmed that the fourth film will feature the latest Evangelion Unit. The new Evangelion Mark 10. This new unit will have the same color scheme as the previous unit. Eva 09, which was destroyed by Asuka.

Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time is finally out in Japanese Theaters. An American release, however, has not yet been officially announced. After facing so many delays that it felt as if the film was cursed. According to those who’ve seen it, the film makes good on its promise as a definitive result and goodbye to the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise.

American fans might still be in for a long wait if the release patterns of the last Rebuild of Evangelion films are anything to go by. Each of the first three, Rebuild films had a roughly 2 years difference between their Japanese and American theatrical releases.

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In addition, no official trailer for the film has come out yet. The final film was originally released on 27th June 2020. However, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the movie is to come out much later. But from some sources, there is a fan who leaked the trailer of Evangelion 4.0 for now, So we attached the video file here you should watch.

The English dub of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” is available on Netflix. Alongside the final fourth movie, Amazon will also stream the other films in the series, Evangelion: 1.11 You are (Not) Alone, Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance, and Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo. The company hasn’t said when those films will be available on its service, but hopefully in Time’s August release.

I heard a lot of good stuff about it, so it will be interesting to see how good it will be. But if you can’t wait any longer, and you want to learn what happens next after the anime in the story, read the light novel.

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