Are you looking for a release date for Blood Lad Season 2, or are you wondering if this anime will even get a new season?

We will fill you in on everything you need to know about Blood Lad Season 2 in 2021 in this article. You will also learn when you may be able to watch the long-awaited new season.

Blood Lad which is also known as Buraddo Raddo in Japanese is one of those anime television series that has left fans waiting for the longest of time. The comedy fantasy anime television series is based on a manga series of the same name and is written and illustrated by Yuki Kodama.

Braddon Raddo or Blood Lad as we know it concluded in 2016 with its 17th volume. Yuuki Kodama, whose brainchild it was, began illustrating it in 2009 in a popular Manga magazine. In 2013 Brain’s Base, a studio, produced an animated video series of Blood lad’s 10 volumes, like season one.

The show scored 7.31/10 from 295,687 votes on MyAnimeList, whereas it got the rating of 7.1/10 from 1705 votes on IMDb. Analyzing the numbers, it wouldn’t be strange to believe that Blood Lad indeed performed extremely amazing and scored high overall, Hence giving another reason for creators to consider making the second part.

After Episode 10: “Blood Lad I am not a Cat” was released in December 2013. However, that could not keep the fans happy and they have been waiting for season two since then. There have been no current updates from the studio after 2013 regarding the release of Blood Lad season 2. Fans have been waiting to see the animated series of the remaining 7 volumes, in season 2.

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Whta is Blood Lad all about?
Blood Lad

Season one was full of emotions and some vivid expressions. Season two is speculated to be filled with conflict and some element of tragedy before the anticlimax. Fuyumi is fighting a tough battle and needs the full support of Staz. On the other side, he is also facing uncertainty in solving the maze to help him and Fuyumi reach the World.

Blood Lad is about the surreal world where demons live, and the story revolves around Straz Charlie Blood, who is a Vampire. Staz is not the usual kind of vampire who drinks human blood like his ancestors and lives a life of a typical Otaku. In Japanese, the term refers to someone who is obsessed with Anime, Manga, and hi-tech gadgets.

After season one got over, an OVA episode titled ‘Blood Lad: Wagahai wa Neko de wa Nai’ got released on December 3, 2013. Even though seven years have passed, fans do not want to give up the hope for season two, even after knowing that it takes five years maximum for a show to get renewed and it has already been seven years since it came for the first time.

However, no matter how slim the chances of having a season two loo, there are some aspects we need to consider to not entirely give up the hope for its renewal. It is important to note that the original manga series contains 17 volumes that have 85 chapters.

Unfortunately, the manga ended in December 2016. Even then we can hope for Brian’s Rase to pick one more season of the series. The second possibility is how the first season performed in terms of numbers.

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Fans of Blood Lad await its season two to put an end to their long years of curiosity. They want to know what awaits Staz and Fuyumi in their quest. The triangle between Straz, Hydra, and Fuyumi is enthralling and can keep the readers pinned till the end of the series.

The relationship between Hydra and Fuyumi is revolved very late as this will keep the suspense, regarding why Hydra helps Fuyumi. Staz meanwhile gets stuck in the favor he has to do for Braz who helps them interpret the Book.

When he realizes that it was Akim who was to be destroyed, he takes more interest and ensures that he does everything possible to win the war. However, Akim’s return prolongs the series, He grows stronger too and Wolf plays a deceptive game to help Staz.

Blood Lad Season 2 Release Date
Blood Lad Season 2

However, nothing can be said for certain till an official announcement on the future of the show is made. Various sources have claimed that Season 2 can be expected by 2022 mid. As soon as we come to know about the Blood Lad season two release date, we will update this article.

Till the date of writing there has been no official announcement of the next season from either Brains Base or the directors. They seem to have to put it off temporarily and then subsequently it was forgotten. Tye’s rating shows a good indicator but not enough to inspire the crew to come back with its sequel.

The supporting characters will see an increased role in the next season and this is because of the plot which thickens. This needs a good cast and a more responsible approach while filming. Blood Lad Season 2 main characters as the following list of names for their cast:

  • Staz Charlie Blood
  • Fuyumi Yanagi
  • Bell Hydra
  • Wolf

Blood Lad Season 1 ends as a cliffhanger. The fans were kept eager to know if Staz would be successful, whether Fuyumi would make it out, successfully and reach the Human world. Bell Hydra’s role brought out a new conflict in the story ending as she expressed her feelings to Staz. He was involved with Fuyumi & needed both of these characters to achieve his dream.

Wolf, on the other side, proves his worth as a good friend and readies to take upon many tasks that seem impossible. His encounter with Akim, after his return and planning to fight the demons will make the viewers eager to know who won and how. So, the ending left many unanswered questions and it definitely signals that there I want for season 2.

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So while there is no trailer for season two. I’m going to share the official trailer of season one the might help you to imagine something about season two If any new updates happen, we’ll let you know.

You can enjoy watching the first season of Blood Lad which is available with all of its episodes in English Dub as well in its subversion at Amazon Prime and VizMedia. So those who have not caught up with the show can watch it there.

I heard a lot of good stuff about it, so it will be interesting to see how good it will be. But if you can’t wait any longer, and you want to learn what happens next after the anime in the story, read the light novel.

I hope this article was helpful. Also, feel free to share it around.

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