Are you looking for a release date for Ballroom E Youkoso Season 2, or are you wondering if this anime will even get a new season?

We will fill you in on everything you need to know about Ballroom E Youkoso Season 2 in 2021 in this article.

Ballroom E Youkoso is a sports anime that became a huge hit on the screens. The first season amassed hugely positive reviews, and now everyone is waiting to hear about it getting a renewal.

Sports anime are one of the genres that perform the best in Japan. There are some amazing sports anime like Kuroko’s Basketball. Yuri on Ice, Haiikyu!! and many more that made their way into fans’ hearts forever.

Another possibility could be the positive responses the first season garnered from the viewers the franchise targeted. Looking at the figures presented by MyAnimelIst, Ballroom E Youkoso gained a score of 8.20/10 from 108,284 votes. This is enough to convince the makers to prepare for the second season.

The Original manga has 9 volumes that contain 41 chapters. Volume 10 recently came, and it looks like this franchise is a long-time work and project for the makers and team. Will there be a Season 2 happening? Everything is here that we know about Ballroom E Yousoko Season 2.

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Ballroom E Youkoso or the English version Welcome to the Ballroom is a Japanese manga series that was illustrated by Tomo Takeuchi. This story is the prototypical story of an aimless Japanese youth named Tatara Fujita who is encountered and is plunged into a world of competitive dancing. A television adaption of this anime by Production IG was broadcast from July 2017 to December 2017. A manga has been licensed for English language release by Kodansha Comics in North America.

  • Year: 2017
  • Director: Yoshimi Izamu
  • Studio: Production IG
  • Music: Yuuki Hayashi
  • Character Design: Takahiro Kishida
  • No of Episodes: 24

We will have to consider the fact that ‘Welcome to the Ballroom’ is a show that gets featured on a prominent broadcast network like Amazon Prime Video and that too not only in the United States but also in Japan. Having said that, such a huge broadcast can’t air something if it does not see the potential and a successful future in it. Amazon must have figured out that the commercial success of this franchise is going to be high. Therefore, the management decided to acquire exclusive rights for the series worldwide.

There has been a sale of more than 15,000 copies. DVD/Blu-Ray discs contribute to around 15-20% of the revenue for an anime series. This may sound un-profitable and also made many animes a failure.

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The Cast Scheduled?

Therefore, the second season too will involve the main set of characters like the dancers and dance trainers. Apart from Tatara Kaname, Shizuku Kiyoharu, Chinatsu fans also want to see them.

Gaju Akagi, Mako Akagi, Marisa Hyodo, Karen Banba and Tomichika Jinbo. However, there are rumors that the creator may involve other characters too that will be completely exclusive for the season. But there are no confirmed reports on this.

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Considering that we know there is enough source material for a new season, we can expect to see the second installment in early 2022. As we get another news about the release date of The First of Ballroom E Youkoso we will tell you first. It is unclear how the COVID-19 pandemic may have affected the show’s production.

‘Welcome to the Ballroom’ & ‘Ballroom E Youkoso’ is a Japanese anime revolving around Tatara Fujita who is the protagonist as well as a third-year middle school student. He is a guy who has no plan or dreams and is trying to pursue something or the other in his life. He then becomes a victim of bullying and mockery by his classmates.

Later he gets saved by Kaname Sengoku who is a dance instructor who is also a motorcycle rider. He takes him to the Ogasawara Dance Studio which introduced Tatara to the world of Ballroom and dancing. He learns this new skill and the polish gives him courage and confidence to cope up with the troubles he is facing and the everyday bullies and it also improves his relationship with his friends and classmates and also makes him strive for perfection.

One can still consider that there is a chance for the showrunners will go for a Season 2 of Ballroom E Youkoso. It can most likely involve new characters and most probably the storyline will take a spin-off.

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At this time We don’t have any trailer & teaser for this show because the series is neither officially confirmed nor canceled by the makers. But Imagine you liked the storyline and wanna watch the show from season one. We have added a trailer here. So that you get a glimpse of the whole show.

You can watch ‘Ballroom E Youkoso’ on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazo Prime Video, with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles. The viewers can expect Ballroom E Youkoso Season 2 to be available on websites like Crunchyroll & Amazon Prime Video.

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