Airtel Payments Bank Smartwatch: Now such a smartwatch is going to be launched which you can also make online payments on!

Airtel Payments Bank Smartwatch: Do you still want to make payments through a smartwatch, then wearable brand Noise has collaborated with Airtel Payments Bank and MasterCard to create a sturdy smartwatch, with the help of which you can make payments without using a smartphone, this smartwatch The name is Airtel Payments Bank Smartwatch, you can make contactless payments by wearing it on your wrist. Today in this article we will share all the information about Airtel Payments Bank Smartwatch and its features.

How to make payment from Smartwatch: This was impossible till now, but Noise has made it possible by partnering with Airtel Payments Bank and MasterCard. This smartwatch has been launched in the Indian market yesterday i.e. on March 19, with the ability to make contactless payments and Many features are also provided, which are seen in other smartwatches.

How to make payment from Smartwatch?

Airtel Payments Bank Smartwatch

Let us tell you that you can make contactless payments by wearing the Airtel Payments Bank Smartwatch on your wrist. This smartwatch will have an NFC chip supporting MasterCard’s network. To make the payment, you will have to connect your savings account with your Airtel Thanks app. You will have to do this, after that you will be able to make contactless payment. For your information, let us tell you that with this smartwatch you can make online payment only up to ₹ 25,000 in a day. The price of this smartwatch has been kept at ₹ 2,999.

Airtel Payments Bank Smartwatch Specification -:

With this smartwatch, you can not only make contactless payment but also many other features are provided in it, it has a large 1.83 inch color AMOLED display, whose peak brightness is 500 nits, and this watch is also IP68 water resistant and dust proof. Comes with ratings, the company is claiming that this smartwatch will give at least 10 days of battery backup once fully charged.

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Airtel Payments Bank Smartwatch Features -:

  • Many fitness features and sensors like SpO2 blood oxygen monitor, heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor, calorie count, sto count and many more are provided in this smartwatch.
  • This smartwatch comes with connectivity like Bluetooth 5.3, Bluetooth calling and GPS.
  • It has a large battery, the company claims that this smartwatch will provide 10 days of battery life once fully charged, and it also supports fast charging.

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